Summer Reading List! 7 Books to Help You Manage Money Better

Summer is the perfect time to catch up on reading. There are many books to help you manage money better. Use your free time to get started.Each summer, I set a goal to slow down a bit and do some more reading. I used to read a lot when I was in school but I got busy as an adult and working on adopting this hobby back into my life. It’s never to early to read books to help you manage money better

Reading is still a fun and free activity that can help keep you entertained and learning new things. There are a ton of books to help you manage your money better.

When it comes to improving your finances, reading can really help you work on improving your mindset, manage money better, and get out of debt. Here are 7 of my favorite books to help you manage money better.

1. The Total Money Makeover

The Total Money Makeover is one of the most popular personal finance books around. It was written by Dave Ramsey, a well-known financial guru who has helped millions of people escape the trap of debt. Dave’s principles are pretty well-known including his baby steps process.However, this book goes more in-depth in terms of his proven plan and shows you how to whip your finances into shape and create a game plan for your money.

Total Money Makeover has changed countless lives so if you’ve been struggling with money it’s definitely worth a read.

2. Live. Save. Spend. Repeat.

Live. Save. Spend. Repeat. was written by Kim Anderson and it’s not only one of those books to help you manage money better but it’s a book that’s all about living the life you want with the money you have. If you’re stuck in a vicious cycle of overspending and need breathing room, this book shows you how to develop your own level of frugality and use it to meet your goals.

Kim explains how to set goals and use your money plan to achieve them. I love all her frugal tips, advice, and stories that are sprinkled throughout the book.

3. You Only Live Once (YOLO)

You Only Live Once is one of my favorite personal finance books and it’s written by Jason Vitug. This is one of those books to help you manage money and so much more. Jason is a professional speaker and the founder of a finance site but what I love about this book is that he rewords the concept of YOLO.

Most people believe that YOLO means you should do whatever you want whenever you want since you only live once on this Earth. This book, however, encourages you to get your finances in order so you can live your absolute best life since you know…YOLO!

When I read this book, I was completely impressed by Jason’s refreshing perspective on money and how it can be used as a tool to enhance your life so you can enjoy what you truly value. This book is broken down into three parts: awareness, creating a plan and taking control.

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4. 4 Financial Languages

4 Financial Languages is a new book I started reading this summer that helps readers learn the secrets to communicating about money. The author, Tarra Jackson, wrote this book with book with couples in mind but single people can find just as much value as well.

The book explains how there are 4 main financial languages and each one comes with its own dialects or money habits. Each language has its own chapter. Tarra provides an effective process to help you identify what your financial language is and to communicate better with your partner depending on their financial language.

If you’ve been having money fights with your spouse or simply want to get on the same page financially, this book is a must-read.

5. The Automatic Millionaire

The Automatic Millionaire is another popular classic personal finance book that you should read at least once during your lifetime. This book is so good, I’d give a copy away for free to everyone if I could.

I actually received my copy for free when the author, David Bach, was speaking at a conference. It took a while for me to understand how and why I can actually become a self-made millionaire if I developed the right money management habits.

Automatic Millionaire teaches readers who simple it can be to reach millionaire status with a one-step automatic savings plan. There are so many details and golden nuggets in this book that many people have decided to reread it multiple times.

6. Student Loan Solution

David Carlson wrote the Student Loan Solution knowing that there has often been a ton of confusion and misconceptions surrounding student loan debt in this country.

Many borrowers don’t know what they’re getting into when they take out loans, how much they have, or how to pay them off.

This book offers a 5-step plan to help you understand your student loan debt situation, understand your options, and develop a plan to help you find relief.

7. You Are a Badass at Making Money

You Are a Badass at Making Money was written by Jen Sincero and as the title suggests, it’s all about embracing the idea of making more money and removing any obstacles that stand in your way. I love the tone and ‘get it done’ attitude Jen uses in this book.

If you’ve ever felt intimidated by or discouraged about the idea of making more money, this book is definitely for you.

These are just 7 of the best-reviewed books to help you manage money better. There are plenty of other options to choose from depending on what you want to learn about. If you don’t have a ton of time to read paperback books, consider using Audible to download audiobooks.

I love listening to books when I’m driving, walking my dog, or exercising. You can get a 30-day free trial along with a free audiobook when you first sign up for Audible.

What are your favorite personal finance books?