8 Back-to-School Prep: Amazon Workbooks For Kids

Keep your children busy this summer with Amazon workbooks for kids. They have plenty of options that are cheap and help keep your children's minds active.Growing up, my mom was really big on education. She would always have my sister and I do workbooks and read over the summer. This helped smooth the transition back to school so we weren’t struggling through the review stage. We still had plenty of time to enjoy our summer and the workbooks were actually fun and helpful. Now, I continue the tradition and have my son do workbooks during the summer as well. Amazon has plenty of options for workbooks for kids

We focus on subjects like math, spelling, and reading comprehension. Plus, we try a few fun alternative subjects that aren’t commonly offered in school. Whether you’re homeschooling or just looking for a way to keep your kids busy, engaged, and learning, the best place to find good deals on workbooks is Amazon.

1. School Zone Big Workbook Series

The School Zone Big Workbook series is a best seller on Amazon and it’s great for kids going into preschool through first grade. These workbooks are colorful, interactive, and easy to follow along with so the assignments will keep kids engaged. The preschool workbook, in general, helps kids develop their pre-writing skills before they dive into writing numbers and letters. The workbook pages are also easy to tear out and placed in page protectors so you can use some of the lessons again.

2. Disney Workbooks

What kid doesn’t love Disney characters? I’m not afraid to say that I still love Disney movies and characters. Disney’s collection of workbooks is perfect for teaching your kids concepts like addition and subtraction, time and money, phonics and reading, and more.

Each workbooks is filled with short lessons as well as games and activities that are led by your child’s favorite characters. The workbooks also come with reward stickers which is a great way to encourage your child. Plus Amazon has a great deal where you can get all 4 Disney Workbooks and over 1,800 stickers for just $12.95. You can’t really beat that!

3. Learn to Read

Learn to Read is a sight words and phonics activity book and it’s one of the best reading Amazon workbooks for kids ages 5-7. I’m a firm believer that kids should get ready to read around these ages and start learning sight words at a minimum. My son struggled with reading at the end of first grade and we had to do a lot of catch up over the summer so it’s best to start early with a workbook like this.

This book also includes word recognition drills along with fun puzzles and games using magical creatures like unicorns, mermaids and dinosaurs.

4. Cursive Handwriting Books For Kids

Teach your kids how to write in cursive this summer with this workbook. Writing in cursive is fun and something new to kids but it does require lots of practice. This workbook is appropriate for kids in grades 2 through 5 and it starts out by prompting kids to learn cursive writing with illustrated dot-to-dot exercises for guidance.

Kids will also learn how to write lower and uppercase letters in cursive before they start to put it all together and practice writing words and phrases. Another great thing about this workbook is that it’s reproducible so parents and teachers may make copis to reuse the sheets in class or at home.

5. Brain Quest Workbook Series

Brain Quest is one of the best series of Amazon workbooks for kids boasting a 4.5-star rating on the site and over 300 reviews. I like these workbooks because they are very grade appropriate and each assignment builds on the next.

Each book also contains lots of hands-on activities and games along with plenty of illustrations. Brain Quest has had their workbooks vetted by award-winning teachers and carefully designed to appeal to kids’ natural curiosity.

Parents can follow right along easily and help explain lessons and check over the work.

6. Kids Summer Academy by ArgoPrep

Kids Summer Academy is an award-winning 12-week workbook that allows your child to review what they learned the previous school year and prepare for the upcoming school year. The workbooks are broken up by first and second grade, third and fourth, and fifth and sixth.
These books are perfect to help your child prevent learning loss that most kids experience after being out of the classroom of several weeks. In just 12 weeks, your child will cover topics like English, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Writing. Alternative subjects like yoga, logic, and puzzles are even covered along with detail video explanations that can be accessed via ArgoPrep’s website.

7. Kumon Workbooks – Math Word Problems


Kumon is another education company that produces workbooks and I specifically love their math word problems book series. My son has struggled with math word problems before so I thought it would be great to find a workbook to help him get some more practice in.
Math word problems can be tricky to solve and this workbooks helps students break them down into an easy-to-understand format. There is space under each problem to show your work and kids are also prompted to create their own math word problems as well.

8. Real World Math

Real World Math is a workbook for grades 5-8 and as the name suggests, this workbook helps teach kids important math lessons through real-world scenarios. Students will master math skills while trying to do assignments that allow them to budget for a trip, pay unexpected expenses like an IRS tax bill, and much more.
Students will take on concepts like logical reasoning, pre-algebra, decimals, percentages, basic geometry, graphs, and statistics.
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Workbooks can be a great way to keep kids engaged and learning during the summer. They are also fun to do and don’t cost much at all. Mainly all the workbooks on this list can be purchased for less than $20 each.
Plus, your kids will gain so much more from the learning experience and be able to start the new school year off with confidence.
Do you have your kids do workbooks over the summer or throughout the school year? Which one if your favorite from these best Amazon workbooks for kids?