Prime Golfing Real Estate

Thanks to Tiger Woods and celebrity golfers, the game of golf has hit higher popularity levels than ever before. Golfing tournaments such as the recent European Tour have seen more fans following then the organisers could ever wish for. This in turn has led to a trend of golfing properties and courses to be built around the world of which one of these hot spots in Belek in Turkey. Are you thinking of looking for a golfing property for sale in Turkey? Wonder what you might be buying into? Scratch the surface and you may be surprised what you find.

Culture and history: Türkiye means ‘land of the strong’ an old Turkic/Arabic compound. Anatolia, the huge expanse of Asian Turkey, translates as ‘sunrise’ from the ancient Greek. Both poetic epitaphs are fitting depictions of a place blessed with striking physical beauty, a true crossroad of civilisations. Bridging Europe and Asia has given Turkey a unique feel not found in mainland Europe. While Turkey’s Islamic culture provides an exciting and stimulating backdrop, the country is a secular state and an extremely comfortable and welcoming country to buy a golfing property in.

Financial Stability: Turkey has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Despite the world recession, Turkey achieved a growth rate of around 9 per cent in 2010, the fastest in Europe and third among G20 countries. This impressive financial performance is proving to be a real draw to golfing property investors from around the world. In addition, Turkey is outside of the European Union and is not directly affected by fluctuations in the Euro.

Benign Climate: The Turquoise coast of Turkey offers long hot summers, cooling breezes and short mild winters. In Belek for example, bright sunshine is likely on 73% of daylight hours of the year. This compares extremely favourably with most European countries. This weather provides the ideal climate in which to enjoy a round of golf with fellow friends and neighbours.

Geography: Modern Turkey is a country six times the size of Greece but with half the number of people per square kilometre. Huge sweeping landscapes provide the visitor with a variety of vistas unparalleled in any country in Europe. From the outstandingly beautiful coastline of south-west Turkey to the exciting melting pot that is Istanbul, Turkey has it all. Despite the increasingly popularity of Turkey as a Golfing holiday destination it is still easy to find unspoilt beaches, protected coves and authentic Turkish villages serving local delicacies.

Growth in Golfing Tourism: Turkey is experiencing an unprecedented level of golfing tourist activity. During the high season (April to October) tourists flock to Turkey and even outside the season numbers are rising. Turkish hospitality is well known and a major draw for holidaymakers and expats alike – as is the high standard and variety of Turkish golf courses. Many of the courses have special discount tee times for members that are competitive when comparing them to golf course fees around the world.

Low Crime Rates: Turkey is blessed with a very low level of crime and this has been confirmed by a recent report on European crime rates. A comparison of EU and Turkish statistical data showed that Turkey is one of the safest countries in Europe. These rates have led people to buy golfing property with ease of mind.

Affordability: While golfing property prices in Turkey are still very competitive when compared to other countries, steep rises in value are estimated in coming years. Property hotspots such as Belek are being watched carefully by investors and substantial returns are predicted over the next few years. All of which makes selecting one of the golfing properties in Turkey a sensible and exciting choice.