Uses of Green Electronic Bidding

It is the era of green revolution. Those who are serious about saving the world or to make it better for our future generation are working towards a green environment. is very keen on this aspect and is trying to build a unified platform to bring all those who are interested in doing something for saving our world. There are number of green projects listed on the site where you can sign up using a user id and password to gain access to this green portal. If you are a green product or service provider, you can post your product or service on this site as well.  For first time users of this site, you need to register here with your name and email id to get started. The Quick registration feature lets you register with only name, chosen user id and email id. You can post any kind of green project such as recycling your waste, waste disposal, solar panel installation, air filtration, water purification, hazardous waste disposal and the list just goes on.

Electronic bidding feature of bring together the consumers and the providers, those who are dedicated to green industry, by featuring a system that is equally beneficial to both parties. You can even post-employment opportunities if any on this site.

If you are a service provider, you can place bids on projects of your interest by placing a bid amount, you can also hire Bid Writing services to help you put in the bids. The project will be listed with minimum bid amount. If you are posting a project, you can specify your budget and people can start bidding for any amount equal to or greater than minimum bid amount. It will show the number of bids placed on the particular project and also the date on which the project was posted. You will amazed by the response that you get on your projects as there are so many people out there waiting for a chance to contribute in making the world ‘greener’.  If you have an urgent project or product you can post it under urgent project/product to get an immediate response.

There are no other platforms like that brings consumers and suppliers or providers together globally to create a greener environment. is a no fee registration green portal.

Locate all your green services and products, and outsource your projects to freelancers on