Green architecture

The past decade has witnessed remarkable expansion in networking modus operandi. We came from conventional analogue networks to modern wireless, WiFi, WiMax and satellite networks. If you look at the current scenario the whole planet is surrounded with information overflow due to networked computing devices, data repositories, data centres in various sectors i.e. telecommunication, internet both in home & office environments. These advancements are plausible & appreciable but the researchers have not actively explored novel technologies in networking that reduce these carbon footprints. What is needed are techniques and methodologies that can enable green networking.

The network must deliver services more intelligently, reliably, securely, efficiently and at the lowest cost. Energy efficiency, a reduced carbon footprint have also become key focus areas. To meet all these challenges, wireline & wireless service providers will need to evolve their networks to a next-generation. Delivering on this commitment means solutions that:

  • Occupy less space and generate less heat
  • Run on reusable energy (wind, solar, geo-thermal and hydro) when/where applicable
  • Provide more functionality per kilowatt used
  • Use recycled materials for manufacturing, providing full recycling at end-of-life
  • Serve as a platform for others to provide green services and applications.

At Grebids Inc., we create a network and markeplace for connecting green users with green businesses. At Grebids Inc., we undertake projects for recycling your various products. Recycling products is one of the methods to go green and save your environment from pollution.

Since we bring together a number of suppliers and service providers together, the actual cost incurred by you through recycling your used products is less. You also have a varied option of suppliers and service providers to choose from. We have numerous consumers and business people who have recycling projects and want service providers and suppliers for their projects. At Grebids Inc., suppliers and service providers are open to bid for any project related to their area of expertise.

If you want Locate all your green services and products, and outsource your projects to freelancers on