How to Find the Time to Start a Business

Thinking of jumping on a business idea that you’ve had for a while? The most common reasons why most ideas never turn into a business are due to the fact that people feel they lack the money and time to get started.

Even if you can find funding, save up, or launch a business with low start-up costs, you still need to find the time to run a side business and work your main job.

Work, kids, home life, and other responsibilities can fill up your daily schedule. Starting a business could help you fulfill a passion and develop another stream of income to help meet your goal.

If you trying to find time to start a business, here’s what you can do.

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Carve Out a Discovery Day

If you’re just in the beginning stages of figuring out your business, getting started can seem overwhelming. Carve out a ‘discovery day’ that allows you to do some research and complete the first steps.

For example, if you’re thinking of starting a dropshipping business, you may want to set aside a few hours one day to research products you’d like to sell and dropshipping companies.

During this time, you could also explore ideas for your branding and website. Planning a discovery day is the perfect way to narrow down the important first steps `and start tackling them.

Get on a Schedule

Don’t make the mistake of just thinking that you’ll work on your business whenever you get the chance. The perfect opportunity may never pop up. Instead, get on a schedule and determine your availability ahead of time.

Consider how many hours you want to put in per week and which days would work best for you. If you work Monday through Friday, you may have more free time over the weekend or before or after work.

If you have an off day during the week or an evening where your family may be out doing other activities, consider scheduling some time to work on your business.

The best thing you can do is get a planner or use Google calendar to map out your schedule. I’m completely lost without my planner and it’s important to help me know what I have going on for the week and the entire month.

When you slow down and get on a schedule, it allows you to truly see how much time you have anywhere you may be able to fit in tasks for your business.

Wake up Early or Stay up Later

Are you a night owl or an early bird? Either way, you could use this to your advantage. Consider getting up earlier or staying up later and using the extra time to work on your business.

I find myself most productive in the morning and it’s difficult for me to sleep in so I like to work on my business early in the day. When I was doing my business and working my 9-5, I’d wake up around 5:30 am so I could work until 7 then get ready for work.

During my lunch break, I’d spent about 30 minutes checking email and sending pitches to potential clients. This allowed me to spend at least 2 hours per day or 10 hours during the work week on my business and I still had plenty of time to relax and be with family in the evenings after work.

Work a Half Day On Weekends

Sure, weekends are the perfect time to catch up, run errands, and do something fun with friends. Will you be spending your entire day doing that though? Probably not. Perhaps you can squeeze in a few hours to work on your business when you have a not-so-busy Saturday or Sunday.

Say you have an online business. You can do to Starbucks from 8 – 11 am on Saturdays and knock out a ton of work. Then, you’ll still have time to do everything else and enjoy the rest of your day.

This is just another reason why it helps to be strategic with your time and get on a schedule.

Eliminate Distractions

Think about what’s preventing you from being able to find the time to start a business and work on it consistently. Most of us are being constantly distracted throughout the day by things like social media, television shows, and other things. Even if the distraction seems valid, find ways to avoid or overcome it so you can win back more of your time.

Shop for groceries online to save time and energy. Limit your time spent browsing on Facebook. Skip an hour or two of watching TV and work on your business instead.

When I’m trying to focus hard on work, I may put my phone on airplane mode to silence notifications.  I also try to limit checking my email so often because it’s usually a waste of productive time.

Get Everyone Else on Board

Aside from you having to find the time to start a business, you’ll also need support during this time. Make sure that loved ones are on board and can support what you’re trying to do.

They don’t have to fully understand your business, help you find leads, or buy your stuff. What you can ask for however, is some help with freeing up your time.

See if your spouse can watch the kids while you knock out a few hours of working on your business. Ask family or friends to help you save time in other areas and set realistic expectations with them about your new schedule.

When friends and family know your new schedule it will be easier to explain to others that you have to work on your business instead of going to the movies or doing another activity.


It’s not hard to find the time to start a business, even if you feel like you’re super busy. You may have to rearrange your schedule and cut out some things, but the great part is that you have the freedom to choose your schedule

You can work on your business when it’s most convenient for you and choose which distractions you want to eliminate. Consider setting aside a discovery day so you can knock out small tasks and consolidate some crucial start-up work to motivate yourself to keep going.

Realize, you may have to put in more time during the beginning stages, but over time you can outsource and hire out some of the work once you get going.