7 Ways to Save Money on Concert Tickets

If you love attending concerts, you know that it can be an expensive hobby to keep up with. A lot goes into producing a concert and if you’re trying to see a high profile artist or group, this can also increase the pricing of tickets. To save money on concert tickets, you’ll need to think outside the box and utilize some of these strategies.

Most of the concerts I’ve attended have been worthwhile and I was glad I could attend. If you feel the same way, you probably don’t want to let money hold you back from attending concerts that you know you’ll enjoy.

1. Take Advantage of Pre-Sale Prices

Sometimes you can purchase concert tickets at lower presale prices before the event is officially announced to the public. For example, American Express cardholders often get presale ticket offers for concerts and other events.

If you follow a particular artist and sign up to receive email notifications, you may catch an announcement for presale tickets that way as well. Over time, the price of the concert tickets can increase so plan ahead, save up, and be ready to purchase them early.

2. Sit Near the Back

Everyone knows that the seats in the back of the venue are often the cheapest. Sure, they’re probably not the best seats, but it still gets you in the door. Plus, the venue will likely have screens up to serve as a visual for those that are not near the stage.

About two years ago my friend and I really wanted to attend a Bruno Mars concert but we were on a budget. We couldn’t afford the $700 floor seats but we found a good deal to sit in the balcony level. The concert was still just as fun as we got to sing and dance along to our favorite songs. At the end of the day, it wasn’t a big deal at the time since were looking to save money for other goals but still enjoy the event.

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3. Buy From a Reseller

You don’t have to buy your concert tickets on major sites like Ticketmaster. You may be able to find better prices on popular reseller sites. Make sure you do your research in advance to find credible reseller sites but there are tons of good ones out there.

I’ve used sites like VividSeats and SeatGeek to find discounted concert tickets and tickets for events. Goldstar is another site I use quite a bit although it’s not as well known.

If a friend is selling a ticket on social media, that may be a good option after you verify it. What you don’t want to do is buy tickets on sites like Craigslist or on the street outside of the venue before the concert starts. You’ll have no way to tell if those tickets are legitimate. Plus, you probably won’t be able to go back and find the person who sold it to you if that’s the case.

Make sure you leave a clean paper trail if you’re buying from a reseller so use the sites I mentioned since they tend to verify the validity of tickets and you can have a receipt to track your purchase.

4. Go Out of Town

Are concert tickets cheaper in a neighboring city or state? See if it’s more economical to make a mini road trip out of it. I live in the Chicago metro area but I’ve driven further south in Illinois and to Wisconsin as well to save money on concert tickets.

If you can drive your car down or carpool with friends to save on gas, this option could definitely be worth it.

5. Sit Solo

Ever thought about attending a concert solo?  You could have just as much fun and it could end up being cheaper as well. Some reseller sites may offer a deal on single tickets especially if a concert attendee is selling the tickets because someone in their group can’t attend.

If you’re looking for a last-minute deal, some concert venues may offer solo seats on sale as an effort to fill up the room.

6. Win Tickets Over the Radio

This is an old school tactic, but it still works. If your local radio station is giving out free tickets, take a chance and see if you can win them. There’s really nothing to lose and ticket winners often get to bring a friend with them.

Find out the details of the offer and set reminders for yourself to call and reach out to the radio station at a particular time. Some hosts even offer contests via social media or other platforms so keep a lookout if you’d like to win free tickets.

7. Free Local Concerts

There’s always the option to check out free local concerts in your area. Summer is one of the best times to do this since your town may be hosting a ton of free concerts. You can also get a concert experience for cheap at local carnivals and fairs. Cover bands and big artists get booked at these events all the time.

My town has an outdoor event space and they often book some pretty big names for concerts each year. I remember one summer, I got to see Jason Derulo up close for only about $20.

You can totally be a concert enthusiast without breaking the bank. When you’re trying to save money on concert tickets, it’s important to think outside of the box and consider options that everyone may not be using. Get discounts, use a cash back or rewards card, get tickets to local events or go solo if you can.

What are your favorite ways to save money on concert tickets?