Iban Wallet, the investment platform you’ll fall in love with

Many have heard about online investment platforms like Mintos, Bondora or Grupeer, but today we would like to present you Iban Wallet, a new concept pushing towards becoming a true alternative to savings accounts and traditional banking.

Unlike other platforms, where you have to manage your investments yourself, Iban has created the Iban Account, where anyone can start with 1€ and earns you a 2.5% rate (AER) with its interest paid on a daily basis. You can easily top up your Iban Account in minutes and request to withdraw whenever you want, for free. Beyond the Iban Account, Iban offers other longer term investment products up to 6% interest.

Iban offers investors an easy and transparent way to invest in a variety of asset-backed loans, all while being protected by a Buyback Guarantee, a Safeguard Trust (a provision capital account with reserves which provides investors with extra protection ).

Iban’s product is as simple a remunerated account with interest paid every day, making a complex process simple and available to anyone who doesn’t have the time or knowledge to invest invest. The registration process is very easy and intuitive, takes less than 5 minutes, and can be done both through the Website or the App (iOS and Android). Once registered, you just have to add funds to your Iban Account and see your money grow. You can also invest in Iban One, Market or Dynamic to achieve higher interest rates.

Opening your Iban Account is 100% free; they don’t charge anything to invest or withdraw. You can start with as little as €1 and earn a projected 2.5% fixed interest (AER), paid every single day; add funds securely via credit/debit card in minutes or send a bank transfer; and request to withdraw for free, at any time, directly to your bank account.

If you’re seeking higher yields and risk exposure there will obviously exist alternatives but they may not offer the same level of safety, liquidity and simplicity as Iban offers.