7 Best Car Insurance Discounts

It is well known that drivers can save money on their auto insurance by driving responsibly, keeping a good credit score, and getting good grades in school.  But what are the top auto insurance discounts?  In this regards, we make our picks for the drivers who qualify for one of the 7 best car insurance discounts may save 10 to 50% on auto insurance premiums.

#1.  Safe Driver Discount 

Auto insurance companies are eager to insure drivers with a clean driving record, and offer steep discounts – some as high as half off – to safe drivers.  Safe drivers include people who have not been involved in any at-fault accidents or received a moving violation during a time period leading up to the insurance policy.

Many top auto insurance companies also offer decreasing collision deductibles that become less expensive with each year of accident free driving.   Some companies will even give you money back if you are accident-free during the term of your policy.

#2.  Good Student Discount

Most car insurance companies offer discounts for students who meet the minimum qualifications.  Discounts are generally given to full time students aged 16 to 24 who are not married and who maintain a high grade point average as defined by the auto insurance company.  Students can generally reduce their total policy price by 10 to 20% just by earning good grades.

#3.  Senior/AARP Discount

Drivers often receive age-based auto insurance discounts.  Car insurance companies often offer discounts to senior drivers. Safe drivers who have reached the age of 50 or who are members of the senior advocacy organization AARP will generally save about 10% on their auto insurance, with some companies offering discounts as high as 20%.

#4.  25 and Older Discount

Drivers who are 25 and older usually make better decisions and engage in safer driving behaviors than their younger counterparts, and are considered less risky to insure. As a result, these drivers receive lower rates on their car insurance. Most companies offer a savings of about 10% to drivers who are at least 25 years of age.

#5.  Military Discount 

Drivers who are active or retired members of the U.S. armed forces are almost always eligible for a significant discount on their auto insurance premiums.  Military discounts vary by insurer, but armed forces drivers can save 10, 15, 20% or more on their auto insurance policies for their service.  The military discount also applies to national guardsmen and reserve members.   USAA, an insurance company that only sells policy to military service members and their families, can be a very cost effective choice.

#6.  Federal Employee Discount

Drivers who are employed by the federal government are often eligible to receive a discount on their car insurance policies.  Most auto insurance companies provide a discount of about 10% to federal employees, but there are some providers that offer even more substantial discounts.

#7.  Multiple Policy Discount

Drivers can save by bundling policies.  Many drivers are also renters or home owners, or they may own more than one vehicle, requiring additional insurance policies. Most insurance companies offer discounts to insured drivers who purchase multiple insurance policies. Multiple policy discounts can save drivers anywhere from 10 to 30% depending upon how many policies are included in the bundle.

Drivers can save money by qualifying for one of these 7 best car insurance discounts.  There are a lot of other great discounts out there for drivers.  Check with your car insurance company to see which discounts you may quality for.