Information about accidents at work

Accidents occur in the workplace from time to time, just as they do anywhere else. The difference is, within the workplace your employer has a legal responsibility to maintain the correct standards of health and safety to minimise the risks to employees and to the public. Occasionally there may be such an accident which is no one’s fault, but usually accidents at work are the result of carelessness or negligence. The vast majority of the common workplace accidents and injuries could easily be avoided were proper health and safety standards adhered to – for example by keeping walking areas clear of obstructions and keeping electric cabling away from working areas.

Should you have an accident while at work, you should inform your employer as soon as is possible. If the accident is more serious, it is then the responsibility of the employer to get in touch with the Incident Contact Centre, which is part of the overall Executive for Health and Safety. This is necessary if the accident leads to either a serious injury – like broken bones – or a death. It would also be necessary if there was an occurrence of disease or some kind of dangerous event such as a gas leak, or structural damage of some kind.

For the benefit of employees who may later require making out a claim for compensation, a report of the accident or injury should be kept by the business. This is also useful for the company, as the record will allow them to examine what went wrong and ensure that it does not occur again. While some workers are wary of making a work accident compensation claim against their employers – even when they have a legitimate claim – in case they lose their job, the fact is that the company should have secured the correct insurance to financially cover them against such a claim. Therefore, they will not be paying the compensation themselves.