Finding an Accountant if You Are a Blogger

If you are a blogger, you may have started your very first blog just to get your thoughts down and hope that someone, somewhere would read.  Maybe at first, you only had a handful of visitors, perhaps many of them family members.  However, little by little, through networking effort on your part, your little blog grew, and grew.  Maybe a year or two later, you are making a fair amount of income from your blog.  What started on a whim or as a hobby has now become your passion, and you are earning money too!  As a blogger watching your blog grow and earning money is rewarding.  However, once the blog grows beyond a hobby, you need to consider the tax implications.  Hiring an accountant who understands the blogging world is essential.

When I looked for an accountant this summer, I interviewed one who looked at my then small income and did not see much room for growth.  “How much can you earn from this anyway?  Your blogging income should not have many tax implications.”  I was not satisfied with her response, especially since I continued to grow my blogging endeavors, so I did not hire her.  Still, I did not know who to hire as many accountants look at blogging and blog income skeptically.

I attended a conference catering to bloggers this summer, and there, I heard both an accountant and a bookkeeper speak.  Because they have a successful, high profile blogger as one of their clients, they are quite familiar with blogging income and how successful it can be.  I decided to take the plunge and hire them, and I couldn’t be happier.  Here are some things to look for as a blogger when hiring an accountant:

  1.  He understand blogging and the income potential.  If he has never read a blog or thinks of blogging as a fly-by-night endeavor, you probably don’t want to hire him.
  2. She has suggestions for you to grow your income.  My bookkeeper sat down with me and evaluated all of my records and made suggestions for which areas of my business are showing the most growth and suggested I expand those areas.  She also found areas where I was not making much money and suggested I cut those jobs and instead focus on the more profitable ones.  Unlike the other accountant, this one knows there is the potential to make money blogging and doing work online, and she wants to encourage that growth.
  3. He is available.  Make sure the accountant you hire is readily available to you.  You don’t want someone who may not get back to you for a week or more.  You may not want to go with a firm that is too big (and busy).

Many accountants may not yet understand the ability to make money from blogging and working online.  As a blogger, it is important to find someone who understands what you do, believes you can make a fair amount of money from it, and wants to support and encourage your business growth.

If you are a blogger, have you had trouble finding an accountant to work with?

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