Discount on car insurance for being married?

Is a man who gets married more responsible than a man who’s still single?

According to car insurance companies, he is. And they’re willing to bet on it by offering lower insurance premiums.

My husband’s car insurance was up for renewal this month. And as part of our effort to be more responsible–there’s that word again!– we decided to finally take the plunge and get off our parents’ insurance.

I called the insurance company to see if there were any way we could save some money. When they found out he was married, the customer service rep was practically giddy.

“Oh he’s married? We still had him down as single.”

Boom. Car insurance goes down.

Apparently, car insurance companies do a lot of research to calculate how much of a driving risk you are. Research has proven that married men are more responsible than their single counterparts–perhaps it’s because they have savvy wives guiding them and ushering them into the era of responsibility.

It made me wonder how much money we could have saved if I had called more than a year and a half ago–when we got married.

There are also other cost-saving benefits when it comes to being married and car insurance:

  • You can save by consolidating all insurance policies under the same provider
  • You can get a multi-car discount for having more than one car on the same policy

When I checked what it would take to add my insurance to Eric’s, the prices were $2 less than what I’m paying now. Once my car insurance policy expires under my parents’ contract, I’ll be switching to Eric’s insurance and hoping we can get an even lower rate.

When I had checked two years ago about going on my own and getting my own car insurance as a single lady, my rate almost doubled. I guess this marriage thing has its perks, huh?

And while you’re changing your Single and Ready to Mingle status to Happily Married, be sure to check the deductibles.

My husband had a $100 deductible for non-collision accidents, and $500 for collision coverage. I upped the non-collision accidents from $100 to $500 and the collision coverage from $500 to $1,000.

Who ever really calls their car insurance company to repair something for less than $500? Nobody does because you don’t want your rates to go up! And when was the last time you got into a serious accident? The probability is small. Just make sure you do keep at least $1,000 in the bank to cover that deductible.

In the end, I ended up saving $50 every six months, or $100 over the year. And that’s just on my husband alone. I hope to get even more savings when we’re both on the same account in a few months.

$100 a year in savings for a five-minute phone call? I’ll take it.