6 Best Budget-Friendly Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day upon us, it is time to really nail down where we should take our love. Of course, the traditional Valentine’s day dinner out can be outrageously expensive. So that is never on my radar as an option. But, just because dinner out isn’t on the table, there are still plenty of other budget-friendly date ideas. As much as we love to cook, Valentine’s day isn’t a day that we want to stay at home. It is a day that we want to get out and do something outside of the norm to reconnect. An old fashioned date night, if you will. Therefore, we have put together a list of some fabulous budget-friendly date ideas for you and your significant other on Valentine’s day that won’t break the bank.

Go See a Movie

Yes, this may sound crazy but why not go see a movie? Especially since theaters all across the US have started revitalizing their theaters. By this I mean they have been ripping out the old smelly fabric seats and replacing them with luxurious recliners. Even the snack bar has been revamped at most theaters to have more culinary options. And they even offer beer and wine now too!

On top of this, if you are lucky enough to live near a theater that offers seat side service, that is a bonus. At these theaters you don’t have to stand in the concession line forever. Instead, servers will come to you with a menu and you don’t ever have to leave your seat to get some good eats and adult beverages.

Movies are still much more expensive than I think they should be! But, this is a great option to do something a little outside of the norm.

Adult Arcade Fun

I don’t know about you, but I grew up with arcades as a normal part of life. As we got older, they phased out due to the increase of video gaming. But, they are making a comeback recently. And they are coming back with more of an adult twist!

We have a couple adult arcades in our area now as it is. They offer a full bar and sometimes even have food trucks outside to grab some delicious food. The arcades around us are open to all ages during the day, but at night they are only for ages 21 and up. Which is nice, if you want to have an adult night out without children.

The arcades are usually stocked with all of the old school 1980’s games, for a highly reminiscent night of fun. So why not take your love out for some Foosball, Pac-Man and adult beverages this Valentine’s day?


Skating is another thing that my generation grew up with. And as an adult now, sometimes I miss it. How much fun it was just to fly around the rink and hold hands!

But, just because we are responsible grown up’s now doesn’t mean that we can’t still let our hair down and get crazy! So grab your love and head to the nearest skating, or ice skating rink. It will give you a chance to reconnect, hold hands, and have some laughs together.

Romantic Hike

Hiking is a great way to get out and enjoy nature while reconnecting with your significant other. There are so many places to explore, that hiking can be an adventure all on its own. But, if you want to add a more romantic twist to it, then why not pack a lunch with some wine to share?

Dig out the old picnic basket, some plastic cutlery, plates and glasses. Then whip up a delicious tapas style smorgasbord to share somewhere along your hike. And best of all, leave your phones in the car or turn them off. This way you can really spend your time focusing on just being with each other and celebrating your love.

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Wine/Beer Tasting

With the surge of new wineries and breweries popping up all over the US, the possibilities with this one are almost endless. Most of us have a regular local brewery or winery that we frequent. But, this is the time to try something new.

So, hunt down another winery or brewery that is close to you to take your love to on Valentine’s day. Most of these will offer tastings or flights so that you can try multiple offerings. This is a good way to go so you can fully sample all they have to offer.

And, if you are lucky enough to live in an area that also has a meadery, that is one to definitely check out. I know most of us consider mead much too sweet, since it is made with honey. But, we have tried a few different meads lately and there are a lot of options that aren’t sweet.

They are considered dry mead and can be made with a lot of different herbs and spices. In fact, we just went to a meadery the other weekend and they let me combine a few of their different meads to create my own concoction. I added the dry pear with the sage and a splash of the ginger mead to top it off. It was so delicious that other people at the tasting started asking for the same drink. So get creative and find a new (to you) brewery, winery or meadery off your beaten path.

Museum Outing

Museums are a great place to go and enjoy each other’s company on Valentine’s day. While not all museums are free, a lot of them are. This definitely puts museums in the extremely budget-friendly date ideas category, which I happen to be a huge fan of.

Think art, science or history. Or, if you have a lot of time on your hands that day, maybe even two museums. No matter which museum you choose, try to make it one that you and your significant other haven’t spent a lot of time at. You want this to be a new and exciting experience, if possible. So, if there is a new art exhibit that just opened, or a museum is having a special event just for Valentine’s day, then take advantage.

Budget-Friendly Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day Fun

Overall, there are so many awesome places that you can experience with your love this Valentine’s day. If you want to reminisce your more youthful days, then go play in an arcade or skate. But, if you want a more fancy movie going experience instead, then check out one of the more upgraded theaters. If you are outdoorsy, take a romantic hike and pack a picnic lunch to share. Or if you love wine and beer tastings, then check out a new local brewery, winery or meadery together. Lastly, if you are looking for a bit more cerebral adventure to share, then head down to one of your local museums to see a new exhibit instead.

No matter which direction you go, the possibilities to do something different are vast and wide. And the opportunity to come up with some great budget-friendly date ideas are vast. The biggest question is which one will you choose embark upon and experience with your significant other?

What are some of the best budget-friendly date ideas that you’re entertaining for this Valentine’s Day?