Advance in the Career that you Enjoy

Today many men and women feel the pressure to financially provide for their family. This unreliable economy only makes matters worse. With unemployment at record highs, employees are susceptible to feeling pressure to perform in their career. One small mistake at their job can quickly lead to unemployment. As a result, more and more men and women are making sacrifices that lead to hating their jobs. Any enjoyment that they might have had in their career is lost as they bend to ensure the financial stability of their families. What many employees fail to understand is that it doesn’t have to be this way. They can ensure financial security while not losing all enjoyment in their work.

My Pressure to Make Ends Meet

I can certainly relate to this feeling. My wife and I made a huge move across the country just over two years ago so that I could continue my education in graduate school. Unfortunately, the school that I wanted to attend was located in one of the most expensive areas of the country: greater NYC. Living in the suburbs of New York City is no easy thing to accomplish on a single income. While my wife was quite successful in her job as a NYC street canvasser, we both knew that to make ends meet, I would have to work as well.

I decided to work part-time while going to school part-time instead of taking out school loans. I ended up taking a job that I absolutely hated! When I say hate, I mean every word of it. I was literally counting down the days until I could find a different job. I ended up finding another job that I enjoy more, but not without extending my graduate school. Instead of graduating in 2 years, I was forced to extend this to 3 years in order to make ends meet. While I am certainly glad that I worked part-time to avoid tens of thousands in debt, I was forced to do work at a place that I hated.

Pressures at Work that Push Employees to Hate Their Job

While my experience is just one example, I am sure most people can relate to my story. Almost everyone I have talked to since this moment in my life has a “I once worked here…” or “I once had to do this…” story. My current boss relates his story of having to work in a FedEx shipping warehouse, while others relate working swing shift at their old job. While you may not be forced to do manual labor or work horrible hours, are there financial pressures at work that you give into because of the current state of the economy?

Does your boss make you work extra hours without any extra compensation because you are a salaried employee? Are you forced to transition into a position that requires you to travel or live away from your family just so you can pay the bills? Regardless of your situation, I firmly believe that no matter what your situation, you CAN do something about it. You don’t have to give in to these pressures. There are creative ways to keep (or start) doing the job your enjoy without sacrificing financial security.

Financial Security and Enjoyment

Since that time where I felt forced to sacrifice enjoyment for financial security, I have learned ways to have both. Here are just some of the ways that you can refuse to make huge sacrifices without losing the security that you will provide for your family:

  • Set Boundaries: If you feel that your supervisor is trying to pressure you into working more hours or travel farther, do yourself a favor and set boundaries. These can be small boundaries like establishing a set time when you will go home at the end of the day no matter what is complete or being more bold and telling your boss that you aren’t willing to take on any extra responsibilities. While there may be some times when you should give in, standing up for yourself will rarely be the cause of losing your job.
  • Become a Specialist: If you are worried about losing your job, one of the best things to do that is to become a specialist in a particular field. Find what you enjoy and see how you can apply it to your career. If you enjoy playing with statistics or creating charts, volunteer to help with related projects at work. It not only keeps you busy with what you enjoy, but makes you stand out and irreplaceable. Becoming the ‘Go-To-Person’ is hardly ever a bad thing in the workplace when it comes to job security.
  • Creating a Business/Side Income: Nothing says like financial security than earning a little extra each month. If you are able to do a few things on the weekend or at night that generate income, it’s possible to generate enough money that you will financially stable no matter what happens. If you can convert your side income into a sustainable business, you may start planning your exit from your day job or early retirement, like I have started doing. If you have a business idea that involves one of your passions, why not invest your free time to make it profitable. It may end up being a great idea and allow you to do what you really love.

Learning to juggle the pressures from the workplace and your personal life is no small feat. Yet, if you are intentional, you can find creative ways to advance in your career while finding enjoyment in what you are doing. Don’t give in to the pressures. Take action and start working towards things that you enjoy. There’s no reason why you should be forced to do what you hate.

Do you feel certain pressures at work? What are you doing in response?

This was a guest post from Corey at 20’s Finances and Passive Income to Retire, where he writes about his financial goals to inspire others. His most recent goal is to build enough income from his online business and real estate that will allow him to retire by the age of 27.