The Ultimate Social Distancing Summer Bucket List For Families

Social gatherings have been canceled. Graduations have been canceled. Looking to summer 2020, many events families look forward to like visiting the pool, summer camps, festivals, and the 4th of July celebration have all been canceled.

Some areas have stricter guidelines than others, but all of us have been affected by what’s going on right now in some way or another. While social distancing guidelines are put in place as a crucial preventative measure, it still puts a damper on what families can do this summer.

A great alternative would be to come up with your own social distancing summer bucket list. Fun, family time, and creating memories are things that don’t have to be canceled this summer. You just need to get a little create and think outside of the box.

Check out this ultimate social distancing summer bucket list for families.

Take Walks and Hikes

Walking and hiking are not off-limits this summer and can provide a great way for you to get some much-needed vitamin D as well. See if there are any nearby hiking trails or parks that are open to explore under social distancing guidelines.

If you can visit a state park, make a day out of it and pack snacks and foods to grill for lunch. State parks are often free and this can be a great way to get the family out of the house for free.

Ride Bikes

Riding bikes is one of my favorite outdoor activities to partake in with my family. One thing I plan to do is explore new trails this summer and challenge myself to build up my endurance on my bike and travel further distances. This takes time to do but it’s an admirable goal to try to reach over the next few months.

Outdoor Sports

If your kids can’t go to summer camps and you can’t attend live sporting events this summer, don’t let it get you down. Try to make the best of it by playing your favorite outdoor sports together. Yes, it’s not the same but it’s another way to make memories and much better than sitting in the house.

If you have a basketball hoop outside, play games like knockout and 2 on 2 with your family. You can take a soccer ball to an open field and kick it around or throw a football. I recently picked up some badminton rackets and started playing in the yard with my family. Badminton is a fun and easy sport and it’s also a great workout.

Have a Water Play Day

If pools are closed in your area, you can still have some water fun at home. Get an inflatable backyard pool or make your own slip-n-slide with plastic wrap. You can also turn on the sprinkler or throw water balloons. You can find cheap water toys for kids and water guns at your local dollar store.

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Put Together a 1,000-piece Puzzle

Have you ever tried to put together a 1,000-piece puzzle before? Order one on Amazon and give it a try this summer. Putting together puzzles is a great way to keep your mind active and it can change up your family night activities.

Start a Book Club

One thing I’ll miss this summer is the reading club for kids at the library. I would have loved for my son to join it this year and I’m even trying to do more reading myself this year. There are different sites that help you create or find an online book club community to interact with.

Or, you can start one with friends who are interested then just choose a day of the week to video chat to discuss the book you selected.

Do Some Gardening or Landscaping Work

Gardening is a lot of work, but it’s also fun and rewarding at the same time. If you’ve always wanted to start an herb garden or want to update your home’s landscape, this summer would be the perfect time to do so.

With more people hanging out at home, it only makes sense that you’ll want to spruce up your outdoor space and this can become a family project.

Have a Weekly Game Night

Don’t forget to add weekly game nights to your social distancing summer bucket list. We’ve accumulated tons of board games over the years so there are plenty of options to try each week. You can also consider learning a new card game or making up your own games like charades and hangman.

Try a Virtual Summer Camp

Some summer camps will be opening with a focus on sanitation and social distancing. If summer camps aren’t available in your area, however, consider enrolling your child in a virtual summer camp. Varsity Tutors has tons of virtual summer camp options for kids of all ages.

Camping in the Backyard

Every summer we go camping as a family. This year, we may have to camp in the backyard but I plan to make it just as fun. I’m sure that some campgrounds may be open to families while minding social distancing guidelines. Regardless, we can always pitch our tent in the backyard and cook outside.

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Check Out Outdoor Landmarks

If there are outdoor landmarks in your area, you may be able to walk by them and read important facts. Make it into a scavenger hunt for the whole family and see who can find as much information the fastest.

Make Your Own Ice Cream

Warm summer weather often calls for a cool treat. Make your own ice cream or popsicles this summer and try out new recipes to see what your family likes best.


What do you have planned for the Summer?