Frugal Fall Activities (Social Distanced) Bucket List

It seems like social distancing will still be a trend this fall. While prioritizing health and safety are most important, many people are also realizing the significance of getting outside, investing in fun and entertainment, and nurturing ones’ mental health. We put together a list of frugal fall activities to add to your bucket list.

The good news is that you can do all of this without breaking the bank and while also following guidelines set in your community.

If you’re looking for fall fun ideas we got you covered.

Go on a Fall Foliage Tour

Once the fall leaves settle in it really sets the tone for the season. Fall foliage is something people often take for granted to the busyness of life but if you stop to look, it’s a beautiful sight. Take the family for a drive one afternoon and keep your eyes peeled for all the different-colored leaves you see. You may even want to take your bikes on a trail for more exercise and the opportunity for a closer look.

Consider going to a wooded area where you can see multiple trees or maybe even an arboretum. An arboretum is basically and outdoor free museum and botanical collection so there’s often lots to see.

Pick Out Pumpkins

I imagine most pumpkins farms will still be open during the fall season – even if only with limited capacities. This means you can still visit with family or friends and shop for pumpkins. This is one of my favorite frugal fall activities since you can do so many things with pumpkins (which I’ll share with the ideas below).

Pumpkins are often priced by weight so if you’re an on budget, go for the smaller ones. Also, consider checking out coupon sites like Groupon or visit the farm’s website in advance (if they have one) to see if there are any coupons or special offers to take advantage of.

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Make Pumpkin Puree and Fall Treats

Each year, I usually buy at least one pumpkin that I can puree. Pumpkin puree is so easy to make and it’s versatile too. You can use it for pies, pancakes, muffins, tarts, etc.

If you have kids, get them involved with the pumpkin pureeing process and be sure to toast the seeds for an evening snack.

Get creative and try out tasty fall recipes and pumpkin-flavored treats. You can even freeze some puree for up to 6 months. If you find that you have too much, bake some treats for friends and neighbors. One year, I pureed a huge pumpkin and had so much that I gave some to a friend who recently had a baby. The puree also doubles as baby food đŸ™‚

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Have a Geocaching Outing

Geocaching is a fun and frugal hobby that will get you outdoors and exploring your surroundings. Geocaching is the art of exploring and looking for hidden treasures that have been hidden by other people. You can use the website or download the app to look for some of those hidden items that may be near you. Caches can be anything and some come with clues that lead to an even bigger prize.

This is a great (and free) activity to do with kids or even by yourself. You can even hide some things along the way for other geocachers to find.

Go Camping

I love fall camping. In the Midwest, it gets chilly during the fall season but there’s still plenty of sun during the day. Camping is a perfect activity for social distancing since you’ll have your own designated spot on the campground. You can also bring all your own supplies and food for cooking.

If you have access to an RV, this could be an even easier way to social distance. We are actually thinking of renting an RV and going on a mini-road trip this fall. You can check out sites like RV Share to find affordable RV rentals. If you’re traveling with a friend or relative, you can always split the cost of the RV rental to save even more money.

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Have a Bonfire and Play Cards

This could be a great fall date night idea that won’t cost much at all. If you have a fire pit, grab some sticks laying around the yard or trim some trees that are overgrown (it’s probably been on your to-do list for a while now anyway).

Grab some blankets and stuff to make s’ mores (or perhaps some wine) and relax by the fire. You can bring out some playing cards or another card game that you both enjoy

Organize a Paint and Wine Night

If you’re looking for even more frugal fall activities for adults, this idea is definitely worth a try. If you’ve ever been to a paint and wine night, you know how fun it can be. Consider hosting your own this fall and inviting some other friends.

Granted this will require some planning, but you can certainly pull it off. First, decide where you’d like to host. You may have space indoors or maybe you prefer to go in the yard so you can social distance better. Tell everyone to BYOB or serve a non-alcoholic beverage and some snacks. Perhaps some of the fall treats you made??

Then, tell everyone to pitch in for materials like paint, paper and canvases. If that sounds like too much, just tell everyone to bring a pumpkin to paint and whatever supplies they have instead. If you’re going to create an actual painting, you need an instructor. Go to YouTube and choose a nice fall foliage painting tutorial. This one is a great option for beginners. This playlist is another great option too.


There are still many frugal fall activities to consider even if you will be social distancing. Where I live, fall is one of the best times to enjoy outdoor activities before it gets super cold. Just focus on being flexible and creative.