7 Easy Meals to Make With Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it’s one of my favorite times to eat delicious food and reflect on what I’m grateful for. We often have leftovers that we can make budget-friendly meals with after Thanksgiving and one thing I always strive to do is eliminate food waste.

My family has no problem eating leftovers for 2 or 3 days but then they get bored. While you can freeze some of your leftover holiday food, you can also take the opportunity to discover some new meals and recipes by repurposing some of your ingredients.

Here are 7 easy meals to make with Thanksgiving leftovers.

Thanksgiving Leftover Casserole

I wasn’t always into casseroles. As I get older, the more I realize how hearty, filling and easy casseroles can be. You can literally use any ingredients you have on hand to make a delicious casserole. This Thanksgiving casserole is excellent because it calls for leftover ingredients like mashed potatoes, turkey, cranberry sauce, turkey gravy, and stuffing.

You can even add extra ingredients if you have them in your fridge or leftover from the previous day’s meal. This is an easy way to get rid of all your Thanksgiving leftovers and keep food waste at bay.

Pilgrim Sandwich

This could be a tasty lunch for your family the day after Thanksgiving. The recipe is simple and calls for leftover turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, bread and cheese. You can add mayo and lettuce if you’d like. Nevertheless, this is an easy and budget-friendly way to make meals with Thanksgiving leftovers in 10 minutes or less.

Turkey Pot Pie

One thing I don’t like about leftover turkey from Thanksgiving is that it can get dry over the next few days. One of the best budget-friendly meals to make with Thanksgiving leftovers that will keep your turkey moist is adding it to a pot pie.

Use any leftover gravy you have and add turkey along with veggies like carrots, green beans, corn, etc. You can make a pie crust from scratch or buy one. You may even have a leftover pie crust in the freezer if you did any holiday baking as well.

This is one of the best recipes I’ve seen for turkey pot pie and it helps you prepare the meal in an hour or less.

Leftover Stuffing Waffles

This is a recipe I’m actually going to try to make this year with Thanksgiving leftovers. All you need are mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and 2 beaten eggs. Mix everything up then add it to your waffle iron and you’ll have a warm and delicious breakfast in minutes.

If you’re spending the day after Thanksgiving shopping in-store or online, you can prepare this as a power breakfast and avoid ordering restaurant food during the day. That’s truly the beauty of having Thanksviging leftovers – not having to feel tempted to order restaurant meals for a few days.

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Turkey Hash with Country Gravy

If you’re in the mood for a breakfast skillet in the morning, consider making this turkey hash with country gravy recipe from the Food Network. It calls for hot Italian sausage. Or, you can just prepare it with whatever protein you have on hand. Just scramble the sausage, leftover turkey, and stuffing in a skillet. Add some green peppers and onions if you wish. Then top it with a poached egg and some turkey gravy.

This may even be a breakfast meal you add to your regular recipe list.

Turkey Chili

This turkey chili recipe is healthy and a must to prepare at least once if you’ve never tried it. Switch up your regular chili recipe with this one to help you get rid of Thanksgiving leftovers like turkey meat, mashed potatoes, and rice. You’ll need low-sodium chicken broth, two cans of pinto beans, and chili seasonings like oregano, cumin, and chili powder.

This is the perfect meal to make with Thanksgiving leftovers if you’re looking to stretch food while family is staying over for the holidays.

Roasted Turkey Lasagna

Lasagna is another budget-friendly meal to make with Thanksgiving leftovers. This recipe shows you how to make your own sauce and you can also add in some Italian sausage of your choice. This dish could also allow you to clean out your pantry before the end of the year especially if you’re been storing a lot of pasta.


After spending the entire day focusing on gratitude, it just doesn’t sit well with me to toss out leftover food the day after. Thanksgiving leftovers can be repurposed to create so many budget-friendly meals. It’s perfect for a relaxing weekend spent at home with family. Perhaps you don’t want to spend more money on takeout or have to go to the grocery store right away. So while the big meal may cost a little more money to prepare, you’ll make up for the added cost by stretching your leftovers and trying out some of these delicious and creative recipes.

What Are Your Favorite Thanksgiving leftovers?