How to Survive Freshers’ Week

You’ve got accepted and now can’t wait to start your first day! You’ve got your whole life ahead of you, and the university is a key step to unlocking a ton of doors. But, now comes to jitters, not knowing what to expect your first days. Don’t sweat it! We have been there and done that and are here to share tips with you. If you’re still stuck on your admissions essay or personal statement, head over to Take My Quiz For Me fast to get it done and check one more thing off that long list. So, all packed up and ready to go? Let’s get on to the only survival guide you’ll need for freshers’ week! 

Keep the Cost in Mind

It can be pretty easy to spend a ton of money your first week. You’re making new friends, you’re nervous, and you’re anxious. Don’t let the party scene catch you off guard and leave you penniless! Make sure that you have enough money for the necessary items like textbooks and supplies. You’ll likely have to factor in food costs for the week and even a bit of unforeseen costs due to things like gas, maintenance, and more. So, just breathe, check your budget, and spend money wisely so that you don’t wind up short. 

Be Yourself 

Too many people walk into freshers’ week thinking of it as an opportunity to reinvent themselves. While you can escape anything that happened in your high school, you shouldn’t want to be anyone but yourself. You’ll realize a little further into your first semester that people come from all walks of life. You’ll find your tribe and be much happier if you just are yourself.  

Overcome Your Shyness

For those of you who are shy out there, it’s time to get out of it! No one is there to judge you and, if they do, you don’t want them as friends anyway. You’ll find people you can bond with no matter your favorite pastime. Try and look for on-campus activities that spark your interest. Strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you in class. Or better yet, start with your roommate. You’ll have someone to share experiences with and get through this new transition together. 

Get Things Organized

The more organized you are, the more comfortable you’ll feel with everything. Find out where you need to be and the times you need to be there. Write down and gather up documents that you need and have them on you at all times. The more you plan ahead, the calmer and more relaxed you can be for your first day. When you have to take care of things on the administrative end, get there early. You will learn that too many students wait until the last minute and, as they say, the early bird gets the worm. 

Learn How to Study Smart

One of the things that stump people in university is how to study appropriately. Classes are a mix of learning techniques and require a lot of at-home studying. You’ll have to read, do homework, and then take exams or write essays. For the essay part, you can head over to best assignment service, knowing that we got your back when you need a break. For all the other stuff, get yourself organized and make sure that you meet all your due dates and stay on top of everything.   

Get Involved

Universities are full of extra-curricular activities. If you’re like most students, you’ll likely have trouble picking just a few, wanting to sign up for them all! The more you sign up for, the more involved you will be and the more friends you’ll make. From day one, get yourself signed up for the things you like or make new discoveries about yourself as you explore what university has in store for you. 

Be Choosy 

When you see the long list of freshers’ events, you’ll see what we mean. There are a ton. They go on all day and some all night, as students get broken into their new life on campus. While you should go for what you want, don’t overexert yourself, you’ll need to be well-rested for your first week as a college student. 

Use Your Student Discount

Your student discount will score you a whole lot of goodies. From half-priced food to dirt-cheap clothes, textbooks with slashed price tags – you can find it all. Use access to Sharpessay for deals on well-written essays that are 100% plagiarism-free. Get used to the perks of being a student, taking advantage of your university discount. 

Don’t Overdrink 

Freshers’ week is exciting and filled with events and parties. Some upper-classmen have access to alcohol and love to party, so beware. While it is fun, and we definitely recommend that you attend a few, don’t overdo it. Drinking has a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it. Go with a friend or be strict with yourself on the number of drinks you allow yourself to have, making sure that you get back to your dorm safe and don’t have to deal with a hangover for the rest of freshers’ week.  

Here you go with our pro tips to survive your first college years. Use them all, and you’ll quickly learn to navigate the turbulent waters of college life. Good luck!