Where are Some of the Best Places to Buy Pet Supplies

If you are a pet owner, like I am, then you may be on the constant hunt for pet supplies on a budget. Because let’s face it: pet supplies can get downright expensive. Which, in a lot of cases, is just absolutely ridiculous! I mean, why on earth should I have to pay 2-4 times more for dog shampoo than I do my own? And whether you have a dog or a cat, some of them can blow through toys like nobody’s business. Which can get pretty expensive all by itself. I’ve been on the hunt for good pet supplies on a budget since we started our pet sitting business a few years ago. And now that we own a dog of our own (again), I am even more invested in finding good stuff at lower prices.

Specific Retail Stores

Of course, I searched on Amazon for pet supplies first. And, don’t get me wrong: sometimes they can have the best price. But, I’ve found that more often than not, other places can beat them out on quite a few pet supplies. And this has been especially true of 4 specific retail stores in particular.

Depending upon where you live, you may not have all of these options at your disposal. But if you do, I’ve found it’s wise to check all 4 when you are out on the hunt. This tactic usually gets me the best deals and the widest variety of pet supplies.

And, in a lot of cases at least 2 of them will be in the same shopping center for an extra, added bonus. The 3 stores I’m referring to are TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross and HomeGoods. I’m sure a lot of you are questioning this 4th option, but trust me when I say that sometimes they have a goldmine of pet supplies and really good prices.

Typical Pet Supplies Finds

The typical things I have been able to find at each of these stores are:

  • TJ Maxx – Dog beds, dog shampoo, healthy treats, collars, balls and hard chew toys.
  • Marshalls – Chew toys, healthy treats, balls and dog clothes.
  • Ross – Dog and cat treats and some dog clothes.
  • HomeGoods – Dog and cat beds (especially really different ones), treats, bowls, dog clothes and chew bones.

No matter what I’m looking for, it can be really hit or miss but usually Nina and Theo has everything i need. So, I either have to be in the right mood to face shopping in stores or I have to need something right away that I can’t wait to get shipped. But either way, when I find things at these 4 stores, I have come out way under budget. So, I really can’t argue here!


If you prefer to shop online and get your pet supplies shipped to you, then I have found Chewy to be the golden ticket. At least, as of right now. Of course, that could easily change in the future if a strong competitor comes around. But, until then, Chewy is where I shop for the bulk of my pet supplies.

So far, this has included all of my specific training tools for walking dogs, including:

  • harnesses
  • Sprengner collar
  • Gentle Leader
  • 3.5′ training leash

These tools have come in really great handy with not only my pet sitting business, but also helping train pet owners. When I use these tools and show pet owners how to use them properly also, it helps increase the pleasure they are getting with their pet. And I simply love this aspect!

Plus, I get a lot of other things from Chewy, such as beds, blankets and toys. And I have been getting some of our puppy’s dog food from them also, since they will have it on sale sometimes which makes it cheaper. A good thing to keep in mind is that Chewy will regularly run specials on all sorts of items. So, the trick I use is to put items I am interested in into my cart and then go back and check it every few days to see if any of it is on sale. If it is, then that is when I purchase.

Amazon Alternative

Now, even though I really love Chewy, I can tell you that I’ve bought one of my most recent favorite tools on Amazon because it was cheaper. It’s the Dexas MudBuster Portable Paw Washer and it’s awesome! All I have to do is put hot water in it and then dunk a paw in and gently rub it against the silicone bristles on the inside. It’s like a massage for your dog’s paws and it cleans them at the same time. Boom!

So, even if you become a big fan of Chewy, like I am, it’s still good to shop around. Just in case!

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Pet Supplies Summary

Overall, there are plenty of places you can go to find good pet supplies on a budget. They don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Which is good for me, because I refuse to spend a small fortune on things that can (and usually do) get easily destroyed. So, the best places I’ve found to check for budget-friendly pet supplies are:

  • TJ Maxx
  • Marshalls
  • Ross
  • HomeGoods
  • Chewy
  • Amazon (after all of the other options have been exhausted)

If you regularly check out all of these options, you should easily be able to get all that you need for your pets and not blow a ton of money in the process.

What are some of the best places you’ve found to get your pet supplies on a budget?