7 Creative Ways to Save Money With Amazon

Almost everyone I know has an Amazon account these days. It’s convenient to order things you might need on Amazon, but it can also save you money as well. On the contrary, shopping online can be an easy trap that leads you to overspend. If you’re shopping online every day, odds are you will definitely blow your budget. 

However, there are several ways to shop smart and save money with Amazon. Here are my top 7 Amazon savings strategies. 

1. Buy Discounted Gift Cards 

Sites like Raise.com offer discounted gift cards to customers looking to save. Discounted gift cards are regular cards, but they are offered at a little less than their market value. Occasionally you’ll be able to catch discounted Amazon cards on a site like Raise. 

The discount could be something like $10 off. So a card that’s normally $200 could be available online for $190. Sometimes you’ll only see something like a 1% savings or even under that.

2. Amazon Subscribe and Save 

One savings technique we’ve utilized in our household is Amazon Subscribe and Save. With this free tool, you can have your favorite store items delivered to your house monthly. For every item you ‘subscribe’ to, you’ll receive an automatic 5% off.

When you subscribe to more than 5 items, you’ll get 15% off each one. You don’t have to maintain a monthly subscription either. If it’s an item you won’t run out of for a while, you can subscribe to receive it every 2, 3, or 4+ months at a time.

3. Deal of the Day 

Amazon’s today’s deals tab is located right at the top of your Amazon account. With this, you’ll see all the items Amazon has a deal on for that day. New deals are added each day. If the deals homepage doesn’t have anything that interests you, they also have a way to browse deals by the department. Some items can be 10-15% off the normal price, and other items can be up to 50% off. It all depends on the item and which deal Amazon is promoting on a given day. 

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4. Cashback Services 

Rakuten and Swagbucks are two popular cashback services that can be used towards Amazon purchases. They work differently but the outcome is the same, shopping on Amazon with these services can lead to rewards you can use elsewhere. Not every purchase will qualify for cashback, but Swagbucks, Rakuten, and other similar sites will make it clear before you buy the item if it will count or not. 

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5. Amazon Warehouse Deals 

If you didn’t know Amazon does sell used items. One of the ways to find these used items is by checking out the Amazon Warehouse deals. This page is separate from when you are searching regularly on Amazon. When your shopping there’s also the option to select new or used, but the Amazon Warehouse is strictly used, open boxed or preowned items. Some people don’t like to run the risk of doing used items. Some items offer a pretty nice discount and are worth exploring getting them used.

For example, this 20V cordless black and decker drill with 30 accessories runs for around $60 new through Amazon. Amazon Warehouse has it currently listed for $36.75. Items will be detailed with its current condition or if there are damages to it so customers are aware beforehand.  You can also save over $20 by buying a 6QT Instant Pot used instead of buying it new. 

6. Amazon Prime 

You can’t talk about saving with Amazon without mentioning Prime. Amazon Prime is well known for being the way you can get free 2-day shipping for being a member. Prices haven’t changed since they went up in May 2018 to $12.99 a month or $119 a year. If you use Amazon enough this can be a big saving and something you’ll see add up in a hurry. The savings don’t stop there for Prime account holders this membership also includes. 

  • Amazon Household
  • Photos
  • Music 
  • Prime Gaming 
  • Prime Video and more

If you’re in college, consider getting Prime Student. After a 6-month free trial students can enroll on Prime Student for just $6.49 a month or $59 per year. To sign up you’ll need your student email and intended graduation date.  

You would think Amazon would get tired of giving out free trials of prime, but they still offer this for no students as well who don’t want to commit long-term. This gives you the opportunity to get the full benefits for Amazon Prime for 30 days and not have to pay the monthly or yearly price if you’re not ready. 

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7. Prime Family 

Another Prime benefit that is worth mentioning separately is Prime Family. This can be a big help to expecting families or parents who already have children under 12. Membership will include a that has product recommendations, parenting tips, and exclusive deals. Deals for Prime Family members can be as high as 20% off things like baby food and diapers.

Creating individual profiles with things like your kid’s name can help Amazon offer discounts on items they feel might be appropriate for each child. Whether you’re expecting or have kids currently it’s worth looking into these deals especially if you are already a Prime member. 


If you are looking to save money, turning to Amazon could help you find plenty of savings. Amazon Prime alone offers a nice relief on things like shipping costs, but also has so many other benefits attached to it. We hope that you found out a few other savings techniques that you didn’t know about before. 

How are you saving with Amazon?