Sling TV Review: How to Watch TV Without Cable

I gave up my cable TV package at least 7 to 8 years ago and never looked back. This is when streaming services like Netflix and Hulu were just starting to gain widespread popularity. Today, there are so many streaming services available for just a few dollars per month. Getting rid of cable can be an excellent way to save money. But, it could also lead to serious FOMO (fear of missing out) if you are used to watching live sports or TV shows that come on cable. This Sling TV review goes into a deep dive of the platform

The only streaming service I see around that provides a service very similar to what you’d get with cable televisions is Sling TV. In this Sling TV review, I’ll explain exactly how this streaming service works, what you can watch,  and how much it will cost you.

What is Sling TV?

Well,  Sling TV is an American streaming television service operated under the Dish Network. What makes Sling TV different compared to other streaming services is that it offers live TV programming and on-demand content as well. With a service like Netflix, you may be able to catch some popular TV shows after they’ve aired on cable TV, but the platform mostly features their own shows and movies primarily.

If you want to watch cable TV programming live as it’s airing without paying high cable prices, Sling TV is one of your best options. Another thing that I like about Sling TV is that there are no contracts or long-term commitments. You just sign up and pay monthly and you can cancel whenever you want.

What Can You Watch on Sling TV?

Wondering which exact channels and programs you can watch with Sling TV? This television streaming service offers your favorite sports, news, and entertainment channels along with more than 50 cable channels as well as over 80,000 shows and movies on-demand. You can enjoy full access to popular channels like:

  • Fox News
  • ESPN
  • HGTV
  • Food Network
  • TBS
  • TNT
  • Discovery
  • Cartoon Network
  • History
  • TLC
  • And more

Here are some more standout features that make Sling TV an excellent alternative to cable television.

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Free DVR

Just like with cable TV, you can record some of the shows and content you miss to view at a future time. Sling TV provides users with over 50 hours of DVR space to record programs allowing you to watch TV on-demand. You can add up to 200 hours of storage by upgrading to DVR plus for an added $5 per month.

DVR functionality is available on all channels except for digital networks like: Local Now, ESPN3, ACC Network Extra, and SEC Network+.

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Watch Local Channels For Free

Say you just want to watch some local channels like your city’s news network or other channels that broadcast daytime talk shows. Sling actually won’t charge you to watch these channels. All you need to do is pair your Sling subscription with an HD antenna. Sling TV offers low-cost bundles allowing you to order an HD antenna and AirTV 2 or AirTV mini streaming device so you can watch local TV whenever you want.

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How it Works: What Do You Need?

I don’t want to write just another generic Sling TV review praising how awesome this service without really providing any specific details. So, in this section I want to explain exactly how it works and what materials you may need to start enjoying Sling TV.

Once you get a Sling TV subscription, there are many different devices you can use to stream content. The first way to watch is on your TV or player device using Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV or, Chromecast device. We have an Amazon Fire TV which makes it easy to just download Sling TV, sign in, and start watching.

Another way you can watch is through your phone or computer. Both Android and Apple devices are able to stream Sling TV content as well as Fire tablets, and computers using Windows 10.

Finally, you can watch Sling TV on your gaming console if you have an X Box Series X.  To watch local channels, Sling TV offers a bundle where you can purchase an HD antenna or AirTV2 device which normally could run for $119 or more on its own.

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How Much Does Sling TV Cost?

This Sling TV review wouldn’t be complete without examining how much this service might cost you. On the website, Sling TV claims users save over $800 per year. According to, the average monthly cable bill exceeds all over household bills at $217.42 per month.

This starts at just $35 per month and there are two plans at this price point. Sling Blue includes the best channels for news and entertainment for $35 per month and allows you to stream from 3 different devices.  Sling Orange includes the best channels for sports and families but only allows you to stream from one device. With either plan, it seems like you have to choose between receiving certain channels over other ones. To get access to all channels, you can get Sling TV’s $50 per month plan.

As with all plans, there are no contracts and you can cancel at any time.

Pros and Cons


  • Watch live cable channels
  • One affordable monthly rate
  • Cloud DVR storage to watch content on-demand
  • Watch local TV for free
  • Free trial


  • Relies on an internet connection
  • May be limited in terms for how many devices you can stream depending on your plan
  • Sling TV doesn’t include every cable channel but it does a decent job at covering the popular ones


If you’ve been eager to escape your expensive cable TV plan for a while now, Sling TV is an excellent alternative. You’ll likely save a hundred per year during your first year of making the transition, and you still won’t miss your favorite shows.

Have you heard of Sling TV before or ever thought of trying it out? Click here to get a free trial and let us know what you think!