7 Affordable Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Mother's Day will be here before you know it. Are you ready? Here are 7 affordable gift ideas for Mother's Day.Mother’s Day is almost here and we all want to give our moms the world, but sometimes have to settle for a gift or two. Amazon offers plenty of great options for gifts for that special lady in your life.  The free two-day shipping is one of the best shipping deals you’ll find online.

These affordable gift ideas for Mother’s Day can not only put a smile on your mother’s face but also not hurt your bank account. Some mothers tend to insist that their children not get them something too expensive. Regardless of what gift you decide to give your mom on Mother’s Day, it should be straight from the heart and notable and this list should help with that. Here are 7 affordable gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

Engraved and Customized Gifts

Engraved and customized gifts are personalized gifts that moms will love. These gifts can be regular everyday items, but add your personal touch with quotes or messages for your mom. You’ll also see things like bible verses on gifts like this.  This item in particular is a jewelry dish. Jewelry dishes are a great idea because they are a way to organize necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other pieces so they won’t get misplaced. Coasters, picture frames, aprons, and even face masks are other items that you can add your personal touch to. If you are struggling with affordable gift ideas for Mother’s Day engraved and customized gifts can be the way to go.

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Rose Heart Necklace

If your mother already has a jewelry dish but just needs jewelry to add to the collection. This Rose Heart Necklace can be a nice candidate. The sterling silver necklace is nice in many ways including the centerpiece. In the center of the necklace, you’ll find it saying  I Love you in 100 different languages.   For just $25.49 the necklace can be in your hands and ready for Mother’s Day. You can never really go wrong with jewelry, but this one has a special touch that not many necklaces can offer. The necklace will come in a box with a pull-out drawer to store the necklace. Also on the top of that box will be a preserved red rose to make this gift even more unique.


Stainless Steel Tumbler

Jewelry dishes aren’t the only thing that can get personalized or engraved. This stainless steel tumbler can be something your mother uses for years to come. The message on this one says “Remember I Love You Mom.” This message can be a saying that can help your mother through a bad day. I know reading that as a gift from my child would live my spirits from time to time. 12ozs of fluid can fit in the tumbler which is a good amount for taking sips of your mother’s favorite drinks. The tumbler could be used for, morning, lunch, or even late at night. It is double-walled and has food-grade stainless steel. Once you put the BPA lid on it becomes vacuum insulated to keep whatever she’ll have in the cup warm or cold. Get this for mom for just $17.97 on Amazon.

Scented Candle

Some people might call buying a candle playing it safe, but you really can’t go wrong picking one up. One brand that is available through Amazon is Chesapeake Bay. They offer a few different size jars including small, medium, and large. For $9.99 mom would have approximately 50 hours of burn time with these candles. Chesapeake Bay candles are poured and designed in the United States but are made with ingredients from across the globe. The soft-colored glass candles give consumers the option to see the light of the flame shine through the jar while burning, allowing a close eye on how much wax is left.

If you want more options for candles these Helly Soy candles can be a great choice for mom. Helly Soy candles are advertised as no faint-smelling candles and are considered highly scented. The “gourmet sweet scents” include lavender, rose, vanilla, jasmine, lemon, and bergamot. They come as a 12-pack so the candles come in bulk.




Flip Flops

May typically means that nice weather has arrived. One way to enjoy the sunny weather is by wearing flip-flops or sandals. If your mom doesn’t have flip-flops or even if she does pairs like this can be a great addition to her footwear collection. The soles in these flip flops are rubber and they are 100% synthetic. Prices depend on color and size but range from $19-$35. The flip flops come in sizes 5-11. Roxy Women’s Costas sandal flip flop offers footwear in 8 different colors including white, navy, black, and cream. Why have her feet burn up in shoes when flip-flops are a way to get through the summer months.


Cutting Board and Cookbook Holder

A cutting board or cookbook holder can help your mom complete her kitchen tools list. Everyone needs a cutting board to help chop up their favorite vegetables, meats, or ingredients. Cutting up ingredients is a must for people trying to add that extra flavor to a dish. Most people believe they have the best mom ever but this cookbook holder is a way to literally say it. Cookbooks are a great way to brainstorm new meals in the kitchen and this book holder can help you read it right side up with no problems. This Amazon cookbook holder is made of exquisite pine wood and jute rope. They are sturdy enough for moms to be able to add a cookbook or tablet and not have the cookbook holder tip over with the added weight. The standard size is 12 inches high and 6 inches wide. The cutting board would look nice sitting on a kitchen island or counter, but if mom wants it out of the way the hole at the top of the board makes it simple to be able to hang the holder on the kitchen wall if needed.

Spa Basket

If you’re still stumped on what to get mom this Mother’s Day then we have the perfect idea for you: a spa gift basket. Spa baskets can include many different products, this Amazon basket has 11 products for mom. The home spa kit includes bath bomb salts, bubble bath, body lotion, hand soap, and body butter. The spa baskets have a signature smell they focus on. This basket would have a lavender theme to it. Moisture-rich ingredients like vitamin-e and sunflower seed oil can help soften and hydrate people who have dry skin.


We should show love and appreciation to our mothers whenever we can. Mother’s Day is that one day of the year that we can really show our moms how much we care. It’s not always easy to come up with a unique plan so hopefully, this list of affordable gift ideas for Mother’s Day helps. Personalized gifts can mean more because they are custom and the message you leave can really resonate with your mom. If you decide to go customized we think it’s one of the best ways you can go. It’s a message that can motivate your mother through a tough day, or let her read something meaningful from her child. There are so many options out there though, mom should love it as long as you put forth an

What gifts do you have in mind for your mother this year?