5 Tips on How To Make Money Online by Self-isolating At Home

Who could have thought that the world could change that much within one year? The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the lives of many people in ways we could not have imagined. Some of the fashionable things like hanging out with friends are now dangerous as people fear contracting the virus.

Canadians have also learned the essence of having a fallback plan as things can change overnight. However, self-isolation does not have to be boring as you can still make some money. We linked up with Conrad Brennan (check profile), who shared with us some of the practical approaches to make money online from home:

Become a freelance writer

Thousands of Canadians engage in freelance writing on different fronts. Some of the most common areas include article writing, blog posts writing, transcription, captioning and copywriting. Familiarizing yourself with different formats of writing is the first step in this journey. Take advantage of the free resources on the internet or even take a paid course to learn the basics.

You can then create a portfolio where potential clients can gauge your abilities. Developing a writerโ€™s website also comes in handy to showcase your projects. Invest in search engine optimization and make it easy for people to find you organically.

Join job boards and narrow down on writing tasks available. Take a look at some of the biggest freelancing platforms and create a profile that suits your skills. Create various profiles across social media platforms, share tips and approach potential clients before pitching your services.

Try some luck on online casinos

You can play online games and make some money to improve your financial health. The Canadian online gambling space has thousands of platforms that you can choose from. Taking advantage of experts and past customer reviews can help you land at reputable sites and play casino games. You can play slot machines if you are looking for something that depends on luck or try something like baccarat if you understand different strategies.

The modern online platforms deploy technology and innovation to recreate the experiences you are likely to get in a typical land-based casino. The availability of the live casino Canada platform is a true blessing for those who want to interact with a live dealer at the comfort of their homes.

Become an affiliate marketer

Thousands of online platforms are ready to share their revenues for every sale made through your link. You may be good in some areas, and people are always on the lookout for your advice when making purchase decisions.

Do some basic research on the demand for products you love and sign up for affiliate programs from reputable platforms. For instance, Amazon Canada has a solid affiliate program where you can create a website, review products and direct people to the eCommerce platform.


There are millions of Canadians who make a six-figure income from blogging. The ideal blogging approach is when you focus on something you are passionate about. For instance, if you are a talented guitarist, you can blog all about guitars and create a family of followers.

Creating a website is the first step towards becoming an authority. You can opt to hire a web developer or use website building platforms such as WordPress and Wix to launch your website. Take advantage of social media platforms to grow your blogging career. You can also base your blogging career on video hosting platforms such as YouTube, Twitch and Vimeo.

Sell products online

Internet penetration has opened up various online markets, and heading to a physical store is no longer fashionable for Canadians. You can start to sell products online and make a living as long as you understand its basics. You can either sell physical or digital products.

You can become a reseller by ensuring that you have reputable suppliers. You can also produce the products you intend to sell. Launching an online store through established platforms such as Amazon can be a good start. You can also launch your website and take advantage of social media to attract clients through regular posts and ads.

Above are some of the tips you can follow to make some money online amidst the pandemic. Ensure that you research every area and arm yourself with the necessary resources before you get started.