5 Rewards Programs to Help You Save Money on Gas

Current gas prices aren’t cheap no matter which grade you go with. According to AAA the national average, this time last year for regular grade gas was $1.97. Now a year later the average is $3.04. According to the U.S Energy Information Administration, this marks the first month since 2014 that the national average has surpassed $3.00. Unfortunately, even with the Summer months still ahead of us those prices will likely stay around the same or increase. There are plenty of rewards programs to help save on gas.

Since the end doesn’t seem to be in sight this will have to do for people who want relief on gas prices. Gas prices have really taken a toll on some people who have decided they might be better off walking than using fuel to get to where they want to go. This could be an option for some people but unfortunately wouldn’t make sense for everyone.

With businesses and schools being opened for some time now, we need to use our cars to get around. Many of us saved money on gas staying at home working in our PJs drinking coffee from the Keurig. As many places, have decided to have at least some portion of the workweek shifted in person instead of strictly remotely. If you are one of those people that no longer only work from home here are a few rewards programs to help save money on gas that is out there to use.

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Circle K Easy Rewards

Save money per gallon as a member of the Circle K Easy Rewards program. Once you join the program you’ll receive up to 10 points per gallon of gas that you pump. Also earn 20 points for purchasing food, non-alcoholic beverages, and snacks as well. Once a customer reaches 2,000 points you earn $2 in K Cash. Which could be used on gas or another Circle K purchase. There is no charge to join the rewards program and members also have access to special discounts that regular Circle K customers don’t get.

BPme Rewards 

Customers can save on every gallon when they make a trip to a BP and Amoco gas stations. Like most rewards programs you’ll have the choice to view receipts, track rewards, and even pay through the BPme app. New users can save up to $0.05 per gallon for their 1st month of using the program. Paying through the app is a nice way to avoid having to touch the pump keypad or loom through your wallet for a card. Users can keep that $0.05 per gallon if they spend $100 or more on gasoline at BP per month. With these prices that can be achievable, and might be worth it if you have a BP near you. The app will also feature additional ways to save on things like gas on items inside the gas station as well. BP Rewards members have another way to save as well. In 2021 BP launched the Price Match option. For just $0.99 cent per month, BP will automatically compare gas prices within a half-mile radius and give this savings to customers. Drivers can save up to an additional $0.05 per transaction on top of the $0.05 they have for spending $100 a month.

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Shell Fuel Rewards 

Shell offers their customers up to a $0.10 per gallon discount on fuel when they spend $50 or more at a participating restaurant. The restaurant transaction has to be linked to one of your payment methods. Most participating restaurants in my area are mom and pop stores that don’t have many locations. There are a few chains that might be taking part in your area though including Ihop and Rosati’s. and Which Wich. Drivers can earn an additional $0.05 discount on every gallon when buying $50 at participating online retailers and $0.10 after spending $50 or more on live concert tickers. Shell Fuel Rewards has two different types of memberships they have silver and gold. silver members get $0.03 off per gallon and gold members receive $0.05. New members start as gold for the first 6 months. You’ll only get the second 3 month period if you fill up 6 times during the month. After that just keep filling up at least 5 gallons of gas two times per month during your 3-month qualification periods to keep the gold status.

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Speedway Rewards 

Another rewards program to save on gas is Speedy Rewards from Speedway. This has been a popular one for many years and one of the first ones I knew about. Speedway also puts an emphasis on other areas of their stores than just fuel. They have a points system in place to help incentivize customers to shop with them. Customers receive 10 points for every gallon you pump and 20 points for each dollar spent in the store. Another nice thing about Speedy Rewards is the different clubs you are automatically signed up for when getting a rewards card. Most clubs allow customers to buy 6 items at a regular price and receive the 7th one free. Some clubs include Frito Lay, donuts, Gatorade, and car washes. Having this in place would not only score you a free drink or bag of chips but allow you to put the money you were going to spend on a beverage or snack into your gas tank.

Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is an option that isn’t related to any specific gas station.  It allows you to search your area for the cheapest gas prices. The prices are live and offer the most up-to-date prices per gallon. Instead of being limited to one gas station with the other rewards programs to save on gas. Gas Buddy lists all the options near you. Browse the app without worrying about creating an account to start.

Not everyone utilizes the same grade fuel. The app recognizes that and allows you to choose regular, midgrade, diesel, E-85, and others. That way you’ll know the exact price of the fuel you like to use. The app lists the lowest and highest per gallon stations in your area so you know how your price stakes up against surrounding prices. Users are the ones who keep the prices up to date, and as long as you are logged into your account you can help confirm the prices in your area as well. The platform also helps you find stations with your favorite amenities. Some of those listed are ATMs, payphones, convenience stores, air pumps, and others. You can even use Gas Buddy to check out reviews of stations that you might not be familiar with.


Rewards programs to save on gas have grown over the years. There are so many out there now, we’re sure you have at least a few rewards cards in your wallet or purse by now. They always try and come out with some new perks to help keep new members coming in. Most programs are free which is one of the best perks of all. We hope these rewards programs can help keep money in your pocket and keep your car on the road getting you to your destinations.