How to Be a Healthy Person: Student Edition

Students often find it difficult to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Apart from studies, they need to find time for going out, working out, and having rest. This article contains smart tips on how to stay healthy until graduation.

Sleep at Least Eight Hours Every Night

The quality of sleep affects many health parameters, including mental clarity and stress levels. Some students sacrifice sleep because they fail to cope with their homework during the day. Others don’t go to bed because they want to watch movies, read books or chat with friends. 

Besides, some people might suffer from insomnia because they get too stressed and tired.

To secure a good night’s sleep, one should stick to the following rules.

  • Turn off all gadgets one hour before going to bed.
  • Set the alarm in the evening to notify themselves when it’s time to get ready for bed.
  • Avoid coffee and stimulants after lunch.
  • Stay active throughout the day, walk and exercise a lot.
  • To get their minds ready for sleep, students might want to practice yoga or meditate right before going to bed.

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Go in for Sports

Even if a student has never practiced fitness before, they should start it now. It might be enough to visit the gym twice per week to improve one’s physical and cognitive performance. Any type of training will do: strength, cardio, zumba, pilates, boot camp, interval training… Physical activities fill people with energy and lift their spirits. Also, they strengthen their immunity and help them ward off the common cold.

Eat Wholesome Meals 

Fruits, vegetables, fish, and seafood give better fuel to the brain than hamburgers and pizza. Junk and processed food might satiate one’s body quicker — but it will also make the person sleepy. Healthy food boosts one’s creativity and improves decision-making. Plus, students with shapely figures might feel more confident and satisfied.

Freshmen need to embrace grocery shopping. They should start planning their meals for several days ahead. This is the only possible way to stick to a balanced diet. Also, students should always carry healthy and nutritious snacks with them to avoid bouts of hunger.

Party Responsibly

Students should use every minute that they spend at the university to build a network of contacts. Parties provide excellent opportunities to make friends that might later become business partners. To party sustainably, one should build a strategy.

  • Avoid going out several days in a row.
  • Leave early to have enough time to sleep.
  • Drink more water to stay hydrated.
  • Avoid unsafe situations.

Nightlife might be addictive. Students should listen to the opinions of their friends and relatives. If the surrounding people say that someone spends too much time on the dancefloor, one should stop until it’s too late and they fail an exam.

Stay Hydrated

It’s important to drink enough water not only when going out but every day. Ideally, a student should bring a bottle of water with them everywhere they go. These are a few examples of what water can do to a human body.

  • Refresh one’s mind
  • Relieve stress
  • Improve the functioning of joints and muscle
  • Rejuvenate the skin
  • Cleanse the organism
  • Transport nutrients and vitamins to tissues

If the student’s body is not hydrated enough, they might feel dizzy, fatigued, or even hungry. Their skin might get too dry, and their muscles might cramp. They might struggle to memorize information, solve problems and formulate their thoughts clearly.

Attention: to stay healthy, one should drink pure still water. Sparkling water or tea without milk or sugar would do too. Yet students should avoid soda or other types of sweet drinks because they contain too many calories, damage tooth enamel, and have many other negative effects. As for energy drinks, they contain too much sugar as well, and they might lead to sleep disorders.

Clean Your Room Every Week

These are just a few tips that students should remember to stay healthy and productive.

  • Systematically sanitize one’s keyboard, mouse, doorknobs, and other surfaces. This advice will remain relevant even when the pandemic is over. 
  • Regularly change the bed linen and clean the bathroom. 
  • Air the room every day.
  • Buy a vacuum cleaner. It will come in especially handy in winter when dust, dander, and other sneeze-inducing particles accumulate inside the room because windows are shut.

To find time for cleaning, students should optimize their daily routine. They might install reminders in their smartphone’s calendar. They should bookmark useful sites that make studies easier and more efficient. If several students share one room, they might compile a schedule and share their cleaning duties.

Listen to Your Body

As soon as the student’s body signalizes that something is going wrong, they should fix the problem as promptly as possible. This recommendation relates not only to physical but mental and emotional health too. If someone is feeling unwell, they might skip their fitness session just once. If they’re feeling a cold coming on, they should take vitamin C and stay in bed.

To get to know what’s good for their body, students should read articles, watch videos and listen to podcasts about human health. Plus, they should read books on how to study sustainably because our organisms are parts of the global ecosystem. It’s crucially important to develop environmentally-conscious habits during one’s high school years. The earlier a person starts to take care of their body and the planet, the more they will benefit from it.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this information came in handy and inspired many students to switch to a healthier lifestyle. To follow the recommendations from this article, one won’t need to spend a lot of money. Willpower and consistency are all a student needs to stay healthy and perform well.