5 Flexible Business Ideas to Help You Make More Money

..Making extra money with a side hustle or side business is nothing new. According to a Bankrate survey, at least 70 million Americans have a side hustle and at least 3 in 10 Americans say they need extra income to cover expenses. It’s not as complicated to find flexible business ideas as you may think. 

If you already have a busy schedule, a flexible side business could be an excellent way to earn the extra money you need. For me, I needed extra money to pay off debt and save for other goals so side income was very necessary. If you can’t commit to a regular schedule, being able to set your hours and have more control over your income can really be a good fit. 

If you’re stuck in terms of which side business opportunities to pursue, here are 5 flexible business ideas to help you make more money.

Personal Trainer or Group Fitness Instructor

If you like to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle, you may want to consider becoming a personal trainer or group fitness instructor. There are so many people who need coaching, direction, and accountability when it comes to reaching their health and fitness goals.

You can become a Certified Personal Trainer or see if you can work at a gym and choose your own hours based on your availability. Whether you’re doing group fitness classes or personal training at someone’s facility, you can often decide when you’d like to meet with clients during your spare time. If you’re a morning person, consider meeting with a client early before you go work at your regular job.

Or, you can host group fitness classes outdoor at local parks. Another option would be to set up your own home gym in your basement or garage and invite clients for a personal training session. 

Home-Baked Goods

Monetize your love of baking and start your own baked goods home business. When my husband and I were engaged, we visited with a woman who had her own home-based bakery business to try out some of her desserts. 

This woman ran everything from her home and told us all about the premium ingredients she used. You will likely need to get some licenses and certifications to run a bakery business out of your home, but it could be very profitable. 

People love to order special cakes, cookies, and other treats for special moments and events. You’ll be free to set your own pricing based on the items you’re selling and the cost of ingredients. You can also save money but not having to rent out any store space and pay for too much commercial equipment.

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Pet Sitting 

Pet sitting is and will always be one of the best flexible business ideas to help you make more money. It allows you to keep other people’s pets at your home overnight while you feed and care for them. You can usually charge a nightly rate for this and multitask at home while still making money. 

Walking other people’s dogs could be a great way to squeeze some exercise in during the day. Also, you can literally be at your home watching television or working on another project while you’re pet sitting and spending time with other people’s pets. 

The best way to get started is to create a profile on Rover to market your pet sitting services and share your credentials. From there, pet owners can reach out to learn more about your experience or hire you for a job. With Rover, you can set your availability based on when you are free to keep other people’s pets overnight. Then, all you need to do is obtain a few clients and watch the money start rolling in.

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Reselling Items 

If you want to make money fast, just go through your home and start selling spare items you no longer use or need. If you do this enough times, odds are you will have less and less of your own items to sell. However, what you can do is start flipping used items and reselling them online or to buyback stores. 

Start checking out thrift stores, garage sales, and estate sales to see if you can obtain any used items that could be valuable. Then, either fix the item up or try to resell it as is for extra money. In order for this type of business to be successful. You’ll need to obtain your items at a very low rate. Then sell for a higher amount to make a profit. You can also get creative and fix up people’s old furniture or junk that you get for free. Then, sell it for a profit.

With a reselling business, you may want to narrow down the categories of your items and try selling things in different places. For example, maybe you just want to stick to selling clothes, furniture, or video games. Test out different product categories and strategies to see what would work best for you.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media is not going away any time soon. In fact, I think it’s here to stay as it’s already too ingrained in our society and everyday life. While social media can be a major time suck sometimes, it’s also created tons of new jobs. 

Social media creates a brand new way for businesses and entrepreneurs to promote their businesses and gain more leads. Starting a social media management side business could be a fun opportunity. It would allow you to get paid to browse on popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There are a lot of scheduling tools out there that allow you to prepare social media content in advance and schedule it during the week or month.

You can also take a few online classes to learn more about social media marketing. Classes could contain how to set up paid ad campaigns, and more. Consider charging clients a monthly retainer fee and considering which services and how many posts will be included in that price. 

Summary – These Flexible Business Ideas Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Earning more money with one of these flexible business ideas can be essential in helping you improve your finances. It can also help you have more to cover your expenses. The best thing about a flexible business is that you have more control over your schedule. Also who you work with, as well as your prices. Being able to earn good money on your own terms. Can eliminate financial stress and help you reach your goals faster. 

Have you ever thought about starting a flexible business on the side? Which one of these ideas would be a good fit for you?