How to Have a “Spooky” and Safe Halloween on a Budget

We are sadly saying goodbye to the summer months, and welcoming a season for cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice latte, crisp air, and of course, Halloween. Yep!. Halloween kicks off the first holiday for the fall season and everyone loves a good excuse to get dressed up in their favorite costumes. It doesn’t matter how old you are, Halloween doesn’t have an age limit. What’s more frightening than creepy costumes, scary movies, haunted houses, and talking skeletons on Halloween? What are the best ways to have a safe and spooky Halloween on a budget?

Halloween is a billion-dollar industry. According to Forbes, people will spend $2.6 billion dollars on purchasing costumes this year, $2.08 billion on candy, and $1.96 billion on decorations. Which averages around $86 per person, and that’s only the national average, so many of us tend to spend quite a bit more.

If you’re on a strict budget this year, that amount might give you a boo, here are some ideas to keep your Halloween manageable this year.

1. Create a DIY Costume

Costumes are by far the most exciting thing about Halloween, but it is also the most pricey. Instead of buying an expensive costume, why not make your own from scratch. . Look for inspiration on Pinterest, Etsy, and online costume stores, then create your own version at home. Cut your costs by getting creative and using items you already have at home to make memorable costumes for your family. Remember to keep it affordable and keep your budget insight. Use a combination of household items to create the makeup effect you’d want to achieve. Some of these items include food color, gelatin, Karo syrup, and cornstarch.

2. Make Your Own Decorations

The scarier the better right? Not when you are on a budget. Halloween decoration is a major budget buster and definitely will put the spook in your finances. If you already have art supplies lying around the house? Put them to good use. Cardboard boxes spray-painted gray or black make great gravestone markers. And hollowed-out pumpkins are the perfect votive candle holders.

If you do decide to purchase your decorations or other Halloween supplies, look for ways to cut the cost. Start by asking around. Ask your neighbors or friends  if they would be willing to lend you a few decorations they don’t plan to use this coming Halloween.

Also, try the dollar stores. You might be surprised at the bargains offered on Halloween decor. Do not forget to look for coupons. Look for the 40 percent-off coupons in the Sunday circulars for arts and crafts stores, such as Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Jo-Ann Fabrics.

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3. Save on the Treats

Candy can be pricey too. If you live in a neighborhood that has hundreds of kids, don’t buy expensive chocolate bars. Pick up a large bag of assorted candy in bulk instead. Do an online search for coupons and deals, too. Buy what you can afford, and when the candy is gone, it’s gone. Remember, even when you buy in bulk make sure to buy individually wrapped candy to keep everyone safe, also pack these in small bags to avoid touching.

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4. Start Shopping for Next Year’s Halloween

Shop clearance sales for next year. While it may feel downright strange to shop for Halloween…right after Halloween, there’s no denying the incredible deals you can find on costumes, candy (check expiration dates), and decor. Some stores are desperate to clear space for Christmas, retailers like Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and even Home Depot will mark down Halloween stuff by up to 75%. This is a great way to get savings on costumes and decorations for next year.

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5. Share the Party Expenses

Halloween parties can also put a dent in your budget. If you decided to host this year’s party that doesn’t mean you have to go above and beyond with food for everyone. Making it a pot-luck dinner and encouraging everyone to bring their spookiest dessert, also work with friends and family to split expenses.


Budgeting for the holidays is always a smart move and this will absolutely give you one less thing to stress about. If you have never created a budget before, this is a great opportunity to start. Budgeting for the first time can seem scary and daunting but, after you calculate the savings you’ve created for yourself, it won’t seem so bad.

Always have a game plan for your money and stick to your plan and cut costs where you can. Never go into a holiday unprepared, Halloween being no exception! Adjust your budget according to your preferences to give yourself more room to spend in other areas. Utilize the tips above, practice your social distance and you’ll be fully prepared to tackle Halloween this year!

Hopefully, these five suggestions are helpful for celebrating Halloween without breaking the bank.

What are some of the ways you save during Halloween?