7 Best Side Hustle Ideas For Couples

You can’t deny the power of side hustling. It’s one of the best ways to make extra money, boost your savings, pay off debt, and get back on track. In fact, nearly half of working adults say they need a side hustle to help make ends meet and loosen their budget. If you’re married or in a relationship, the idea of side hustling with your partner might have crossed your mind. We’ve listed a few side hustle ideas for couples to start today.

Side hustles for couples are very popular since it’s a great way to spend time with your significant other and make more money. Check out these 7 best side hustle ideas that you can do with your partner.

1. Start an Etsy Shop

Have an idea of something that you’d like to make or sell? Starting an Etsy shop can be time-consuming – especially in the beginning – but also very rewarding. You and your partner can work together to create a physical or digital product then sell it in an Etsy shop.

You can even split up tasks so if someone is better at creating the products, the other person can work on setting the shop up and performing marketing and customer service tasks. Etsy does deduct a fee from each sale, but the key is to create a variety of products for your shop that you can sell at a fair price to truly thrive.

2. Real Estate

Real estate is another one of the best side hustle ideas for couples. Investing in a rental property or flipping a home is a huge feat. This is why getting involved with a partner is an excellent idea.

You can both put your money together and research properties and projects to invest in. Work on building each of your credit scores so you can leverage double the borrowing power for any renovations and upgrades that need to be completed.

Also, realize that you don’t have to be the next Joanna and Chip Gaines to pull this side hustle off. If you plan on renovating properties, see what you can learn to DIY on your own then negotiate with contractors for other work. Or, you can consider investing in crowdfunded real estate projects online that don’t require you to get your hands dirty.

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3. Sell Items Online

If you want to make extra money fast, consider selling items online. You can start by selling older items from your home that you’re no longer using. Or, check out some local thrift shops and resale stores to buy items for cheap that you can flip to sell online.

You can sell almost anything these days whether it’s toys, furniture, clothes, tools, or books. Some of the best places to sell items online include the Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp for local sellers. You also may want to create an account on Amazon or eBay to sell items to a wider audience. Work as a team with your significant other to search for items and list them online during your spare time.

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4. Start a Blog

Starting a blog doesn’t have to be a hobby, it can be a business if you have the right tools and strategy behind it. I know so many couples who have started a successful blog together not only for extra income but also to share valuable content with the world.

Blogging requires a ton of work though. So you can definitely use a helping hand from your partner. Maybe one of your can brainstorm topic ideas to write blog posts and newsletter emails. The other can manage the website, promote content, and lead the monetization efforts.

Either way, growing a successful blog will require a lot of time and effort upfront. You and your partner can make the most of it by working on the blog together at coffee shops and planning blogging data nights at home.


5. Pet Sit of Dog Walk

Do you and your partner both love pets? Consider starting a pet sitting or dog walking business. You can sign up for Rover to find clients in your area. Then, take turns walking the dogs or do it together when you’re both done with work. You can also coordinate your schedules for overnight pet sitting services.

When you pet sit, you just need to feed the pets in your care, administer any medication they may have, and spend quality time with the animals while making sure they stay safe and comfortable. If you’re both animal lovers, it’s an easy way to make extra money without a lot of additional time or effort. Plus, you’ll be putting pet parents at ease by knowing their furry friends are safe in your care.

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6. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube channels and vlogs featuring couples and families are always fun to watch. Even if you don’t think your lifestyle is too exciting, you can film day-in-the-life videos with your partner or capture activities that you do together and share tips. If you’d rather not go for a vlogging style with your videos, you can film tip or how-to videos based on your interests and expertise. There are all kinds of YouTube channels out there so feel free to get as creative as you want.

You’ll need to post videos consistently to grow your channel. Eventually, you can monetize your channel and earn ad revenue from your video content.

7. Photography Business

Photography is one of my favorite side hustle ideas for couples because believe it or not, most photographers work with assistants or a team. Earlier this year, my husband and I got pictures taken for our anniversary and coincidentally, we hired a husband and wife team. It was really interesting to see how they worked well together and played off each other’s strengths.

Whether you have photography experience or not, this is a great side hustle to consider since you can learn along the way. You may need to invest in a high-quality camera or rent one for your shoots. Take a photography class and practice until you feel confident enough to market your services.

Photography is a well-paid business where you can easily earn $100 per hour or mote.


Yes, working together may not always be easy, but it’s often worth it if you want to spend more time with your partner doing something productive. These best side hustle ideas for couples are well worth a try. They’re all flexible and allow you to accommodate each other’s schedules. Plus, they will pay well especially if two people are actively working on building the side hustle up.

If you’re setting joint goals and managing finances together anyway, it only makes sense to consider a side hustle that you can do with your significant other.