How to Use a Vision Board to Stay Motivated

Have you ever just stopped and envisioned the financial life you wanted? We all have goals and things we want to achieve in our lifetimes and achieving financial freedom is something so many of us have in common. Financial freedom looks different to everyone, we all get excited when our efforts start to gain momentum and we see the results of our hard work and discipline. But, sometimes, even though we’re doing everything right, we can lose sight of our goals and become distracted. If you have an issue with maintaining motivation when starting something new, a financial vision board may be an awesome resource to help you keep working toward your dreams!

What Is A Financial Vision?

A financial vision board is just like a regular vision board, but instead of pictures of your desired life, you have images that represent the financial goals and why they are important to achieve. Vision boards will help keep everything in perspective so that nothing feels impossible anymore!

Benefits Of Having A Financial Vision Board:

There’s definitely something inspiring about having a physical reminder of your financial goals that you can look at each day. Almost immediately you feel more determined to reach your goals, especially when you have to look at what they are every day. There are added benefits of being able to add some extra positivity to your day:

  • Keep your eye on the prize
  • Avoid money-wasting pitfalls
  • Fewer distractions
  • It takes the overwhelming feeling out of working towards achieving your goals
  • It keeps positive goals front and center as a daily reminder of your future successes

How To Create Your Financial Vision Board

1.  Research Specific Goals

The first step to making your vision board is researching your goal. If you’re trying to save for a new house, get specific. Do you want a condo or townhome? A single-family residence or a multi-family unit? A little cabin? A sprawling farmhouse with room for kids and guests?

Make sure that you have very clear goals, so you know exactly what success looks like. A method that is used in goal setting is the SMART goals method. SMART stands for:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

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2. Gather up Your Supplies

Once you’ve decided on your goals, it’s time to gather your supplies. If you’re putting together a physical board, here are some items you may need:

  • Poster Board or Cork Board – Pictures can be glued to a poster board, then hung on the wall. Or you can use a corkboard and use thumbtacks to put up images.
  • Magazines – You’ll need to have some old magazines to find visual inspiration like phrases and pictures to represent your goals.
  • Online Images – An alternative to using magazines is finding images online to represent your goals.
  • Scissors – If you’re cutting images from magazines, you’ll need a pair of scissors to handle the job.
  • Tacks or Glue – You’ll use thumbtacks to post your pictures on a corkboard or glue if it’s on a poster board. Use a glue stick because it’s less messy.

If you’re using a digital vision board, then you’ll need to find an online graphic design tool to use. You could also create your board digitally, then print it out to hang up or place around your home.

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3.  Start Clipping Images That Resonate with You

This will be the fun part of the process. Grab a few magazines and start clipping pictures of what represents your vision goals and dreams. The pictures are only representations, not necessarily exact. As long as you know what your goals are, the picture will hold a place in your mind. Anything that inspires you to reach your goals is worth putting on your vision board. So grab your scissors and start cutting out those images to add to your board. Once you have a small stack of images you feel good about, separate them from the others.

4.  Tie it all Together

Decorate your board in a way that suits you and your vision! There is no right or wrong way to do this. Follow how you feel and make it your own! You’ll notice that for this particular vision board, I had somewhat of a common theme of financial freedom and independence, but I tied it together with other goals like fitness, self-love, and travel. This is absolutely where you can get creative and tap into the things you really want to envision yourself doing this year!

5.  Pick a Spot to Display Board

After you’ve completed your financial vision board, you need to put it where you can see it. Find a spot to display your vision board where you’ll get to see it a lot. This is a great way to ensure that you are reminded of those goals continuously. Seeing a visual reminder can encourage you to meet your goals faster and more consistently set yourself up for success! The more you can keep those images and the goals they represent fixed in your mind, the more effectively you can align your finances to support your aspirations.


Financial vision boards are an easy way to put the law of attraction into action by combining visualization and goal setting. You can create a board with pictures or drawings that represent what you would like for yourself in life financially, such as owning a house, having enough money for retirement, etc. The more detail you include on your board about your goals and how they will be achieved, the better off you’ll be!

A reminder that merely writing your goals down and creating a vision board won’t automatically help you achieve them. You have to do the work necessary and also have accountability. The best way to do that is to surround yourself with other people working toward similar goals.

Whether you are just starting out or in the thick of it, your savings journey is a lot like running a marathon: it’s a long trek and success takes sacrifice, encouragement, and determination. You have to fix your eyes on the final goal and will yourself to continue moving forward.