12 Fun Family Night Ideas On A Budget

Sometimes it can be hard entertaining children. If your having problems, here are 12 fun family night ideas you can try with your loved ones.There is something special about spending quality time with your family. Whether it’s cooking dinner together, watching TV on the couch, or playing outside in the backyard, there are so many great things you can do with your kids that will not break the bank. Here are 12 family fun night ideas that can be done on a budget.

What are the Benefits of Family Night?

Family night is a great way to strengthen family connections. It’s one time during the week when you can focus on what matters most, and that makes it so special! There are plenty of family fun night ideas out there.

Having regular family nights means your kids will have good memories of being with their parents in addition to strengthening ties between siblings as well. The more connected families feel, the more the family thrives.

There are many ways to spend time having fun with your family, but it can be difficult to find affordable family activities that engage all your family members.

Below are a few ideas that you can use to liven up family time without spending a fortune.

1. Cook a Special Meal

My kids and I love to cook together and there are lots of ways to turn a meal into a family fun night. Choose a kids friendly menu if you have small and picky eaters. Doing something different from your usual meals, like trying a new cuisine can help your family create fun memories together.

Give each person their own dish they are in charge of, this is a great way to get everyone involved. Have one person preparing the appetizers, while other people take charge of salad, main course, side dish or dessert.

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2.  Hold a Movie Night

Movie nights can be a great family night activity. Before online streaming was a thing, my kids and I on a Friday night would rent movies from the Redbox at our local grocery store. They would take turns choosing the movies and preparing the snacks.

Get out some blankets and pillows and watch the movie together.

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3.  Learn a TikTok Dance

Learning a TikTok Dance can be tons of fun for the entire family. I am no dancer, but trying new dances with my kids is always tons of fun. Download the app, brainstorm original twists with your family, then film your own.

Not a fan of TikTok, why not host a dance party. Put on some rocking tunes and dance the night away. Dim the lights, add glow sticks, and have a party! Play you favorite songs when you were a kid and introduce your kids to some oldies but goodies in addition to their favorite hits.

4.  Board Game Night

A classic that never gets old, game nights are perfect for family fun! Our family LOVED playing board games together, and we still do!

Choose board games like Sorry! or Ticket to Ride, active games like charades or Twister, artistic games like Pictionary . Make sure your game nights are more about having fun rather than a serious competition.

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4. Have a Bake Off

Cookies, cake, or brownies, anyone? Who doesn’t like a bit of sweets while having fun! Baking together is a wonderful way to make memories and something delicious. I would even challenge you to try a new recipe together and make it all from scratch!

5. Play a Sport

Doing something active together can be a good way to bond as a family. Play basketball, soccer, badminton, or simply kick a ball around the yard.

You can even just go for a family stroll around the neighborhood or go for a walk in the woods. Getting active is a good way to get some exercise and it also can get some conversation flowing.

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6. Scavenger Hunt

One great way to get kids up and away from all the electronics is to organize a scavenger hunt. You can do them indoors or outdoors . Create your own scavenger hunt with clues leading to a hidden prize. Hide clues around your home, neighborhood, or even out in your community. Hunt down some fun!

7. Backyard Camping

If you’re up for a family night adventure, how about a backyard camp? To keep this activity feeling authentic, and to prevent repeat trips back in and out of the house, I suggest having everyone pack their bags as if you were leaving town for your camping trip. Pack a change of clothes, layers like sweaters and beanies, a toothbrush, and any other items that you will need overnight.

Likewise, gather up all of the gear you’ll need and place it in the yard so it’s all ready for you when you’re ready to set up camp.

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8. Nature Walk

This is one of my personal favorite ways to spend time together as a family! Either walk right out your front door or drive to a park with gorgeous scenery. This will keep them entertained while also getting them out in nature.

9. Talent Show

We have done this a few times and had so much fun! You can sing, dance, do comedy, play an instrument, and anything else your kids have a knack for. It’s a great way to celebrate each other’s strengths and talents while laughing and making lots of memories in the meantime.

10. Picnics are Great

You can pack up food from home and head to your local park for a picnic! If you’re wanting to get out in public, you can even pack a meal for your kids and have a picnic in the backyard. It’s a great way to make memories at home or outside, not to mention it is free!

11.  Costume Night

Who says you have to wait until Halloween to dress up in costumes? Make your own or stop by Goodwill and have your kids pick out a funny outfit. Make sure to take pictures of this night!

12. Fire Pit

If you have a fire pit or can otherwise build a safe campfire, have a night where you and the family roast marshmallow and make s’mores. Make the experience even sweeter by gathering around and starting a song or story, taking turns adding a line or two.


Family fun night ideas don’t have to be elaborate or pricey! While you may have been spending more time under the same roof over the last several months, it is important to make sure you carve out true quality time as a family. With a little resourcefulness, you can dream up activities to make memories that will last a lifetime. Allowing each family member a turn at choosing the activity is a great way to get everyone involved and excited about family fun night. Mix up the activities to make sure everyone gets involved, especially if you have kids with a huge age gap.

Remember making memories as a family is essential, and creating time to get together is always worth it.