4 Mindset Shifts to Help Take Your Side Hustle Full-Time

Have a side hustle that you’re looking to take full time? Making the jump to self-employment or small business owner can be scary as there are a lot of unknowns. However, if you’re seriously considering how to take your side hustle full-time, the key will be improving your mindset.

In 2016, I was able to quit my 9 to 5 job to freelance full time after about 18 months of doing it as a side hustle. While money and getting organized played a huge role in me being able to make this decision, my mindset was also key. Your thoughts and feelings have a direct impact on what you say and do. It’s important to make the transition to an entrepreneurial mindset sooner rather than later. This will have a direct impact on your success once you take your side hustle full time.

Here are some important mindset shifts you should consider making as you grow your side hustle to become your main source of income.

My Concept is Already Proven

Are you feeling scared about taking your side hustle full time? Realize that if you’re even at the point to consider this, your concept is already proven. So many people start a side hustle and don’t make any real money. So, if you are finding success with part-time work, that’s a good thing. It means you’ve proven you have the potential to make more money with your idea when you take it full time.

In fact, I highly recommend that people try making money with a side hustle first before launching a full-on business. It gives you time to learn the ropes and fully test out your concept. When I started freelance writing, it wasn’t too long before I almost exceeded what I was earning at my full-time job. This helped me realize that I could do even better once I was able to dedicate a full 40 hours per week to this work.

I Will Continue to Learn Lessons Regardless

One of the scariest things about planning to take your side hustle full time is thinking about what will happen if things don’t go as you planned. Realize that all entrepreneurs make mistakes and experience setbacks. Try not to think of it as a failure. Instead, view it as a lesson or stepping stone to help you change your approach and do better the next time around.

You can also prepare for obstacles by creating backup plans and making sure your finances are in order. I highly recommend creating a buffer for your checking account to help you cover unexpected business expenses as they arise. Then, you should also consider beefing up your emergency savings to help you bounce back from mistakes or slower months as they occur.

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Understand That Value Creates Money and Not Time

Changing your mindset from employee to entrepreneur will involve moving away from everything you’ve learned about money in the past. Growing up, many of us learned that we had to get a job to make money. This involved clocking in a certain number of hours. The more hours you work, the more money you could make. Thus, we learned that trading time for money was the only way to be successful.

If you’re started a side hustle, you’ve probably realized that this is not always the case. You might have spent hours or months working on a product or service and your effort didn’t exactly equate to dollars. Instead, you’ll learn that people are not actually paying for your time. Instead, they’re paying for your value and expertise. This means, if you can contribute a valuable product or service, it doesn’t matter how much time you put into it.

When you buy a car, do you care about how long it took to build? Or, do you care about all the features it comes with and the value it will provide? Understand that employees often view time as a resource to create money. However, if you decide to take your side hustle full-time, you’ll need to prioritize creating value instead to get paid.

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I Don’t Have to Know Everything and Can Continually Seek Help

Don’t let the words solopreneur or entrepreneur freak you out. Just because you want to take your side hustle full-time doesn’t mean you have to do everything alone. Consider joining a mastermind or support group to connect with others who are in a similar boat. This could provide an opportunity to encourage and learn from each other while sharing resources.

Connect with a credible accountant or invest in coaching with an expert and do some networking. Realize that even if your budget is low starting out, you don’t have to do it all alone. Nor should you be expected to live up to those unrealistic standards.

You will constantly be learning and growing along the way so don’t limit yourself. Remain open to the journey that is entrepreneurship and small business ownership. Also, decide early on that if you choose to change directions and pivot, there’s nothing wrong with this. It’s a natural part of the journey.

Summary: Take Your Side Hustle Full-Time With the Right Mindset

Mindset is everything. When you approach something as challenging as starting your own small business or freelancing, your mindset can be a key factor to your success. It’s important to make these necessary mindset shifts early on so you don’t have to come to the realizations later. Finally, be open to the journey and opportunity for more success. Set realistic expectations, plan your finances carefully, and establish a support system to make a smoother transition overall.