Should You Work From Home with Amazon

If you’re considering working from home for a reputable company, one name that stands apart from the pack is Amazon. Amazon is a top-rated online retailer and probably the most popular and busiest of all its competitors as well. Have you thought to work from home with Amazon?

This company sets the trend in terms of innovation and is a huge employer with a key focus on remote work options as well. While you’ve probably ordered an item or too from Amazon, in this post, we’ll go over what it’s like to work from home with Amazon remotely for the company and any perks they offer.

Offering More Jobs and Better Wages

Amazon has grown exponentially in just the past few years. As a result, the company has created more than 600,000 full and part-time jobs in the U.S. since the pandemic. 

The average starting wage for Amazon employees is more than $18 per hour. This is double the federal minimum wage. Amazon offers a wide variety of jobs for remote workers (I’ll summarize more of those options below). 

Benefits and Training

Amazon is well known for offering suitable benefits to employees including health insurance, 401(k), parental leave, and other wellness benefits and resources as well. While I love freelancing, there are no benefits since you’re a contract worker. If you’re looking for a work-from-home company that provides options like retirement or health insurance, Amazon provides these benefits to employees on their first day of work. 

Employees also receive paid training for select positions and entry-level jobs don’t require too much experience. 

Growth Opportunities and Widespread Recognition

Recently, Fortune named Amazon #2 in its list of the World’s Most Admired Companies for its 6th year in a row. This acknowledgment speaks well to the reputation of the company and what it offers employees. 

Amazon has 9 different training programs to help employees further their skills. This includes the Amazon Technical Academy, a program designed to help employees gain the necessary skills to become software engineers in 9 months. The program doesn’t require any previous computer training from applicants. All you need is a high school diploma or GED to apply and level up your career.

Now that we have a good summary of the benefits of being able to work from home with Amazon, let’s look at some of their popular positions you could apply for.

Customer Service

One of the best ways to work from home with Amazon is to start as a remote customer service agent. No experience is required and you can work part-time or full-time. You’ll just need to be interested in assisting customers and solving problems they may come across.

Customer service agents work primarily through phone and email and utilize a variety of software tools to navigate customer accounts. You’ll receive health insurance, 401 (k) plan, vacation time, and PTO. 


Looking to jumpstart your recruiting career. Amazon pays recruiters a starting salary of $59,000. Recruiters work in a fast-paced environment as they’re expected to work with internal and external clients and candidates to help find talented individuals. 

You’ll be responsible for scheduling interviews and phone screens with candidates and work closing with hiring managers as well. Recruiters will also update candidate records and job postings in the recruiting systems and confirm new hires. All in all, you’ll need to have exceptional communication skills and be proficient in MS Word and Excel. The company also prefers you to hold a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent customer service experience. 

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is worth mentioning in this list because it’s a flexible and easy way to either diversify your income or start working for Amazon as a contractor. This allows you to deliver Amazon packages in your area on your own time. 

Drivers need to download the app and apply to get started. This process is very simple. You can choose 4-hour delivery blocks and work up to 40 hours per week. Amazon Flex divers also make $18 to $25 per hour. You’ll get paid on Tuesday and Friday each week via direct deposit to your bank account. If you’re looking to work from home with Amazon or simply work independently and have transportation, this can still be a solid option to consider. 

What People Who Work From Home With Amazon Are Saying

Amazon work-from-home jobs have a 3.4 out of 5 rating on Indeed. Here’s what some current and past employees are saying.

“It’s a good company with great benefits, it looks after you and has a great working culture, but the management all have different work method, and there is constant change and not enough training.” – Customer Service Representative

Amazon work from home is a great job to have. The pay is good, the benefits are great, and there is a lot of flexibility to accommodate the work/life balance.” – Customer Service Representative

“I have been with Amazon and AWS for 5 years. Amazon encourages employees to explore new career interests and given the size and diverse business units within the company, employees have endless opportunities to explore different career paths or industries. Amazon also has strong leadership culture that focuses on building scalable mechanisms..” – Employee


If you want to align yourself with a credible and flexible work-from-home company that will pay well and keep your best interest in mind, Amazon is certainly worth considering. Consider these opportunities to work from home with Amazon and factor in important advantages like benefits, paid training, and competitive hourly pay.