Part-Time Jobs That Are Perfect For College Students 

To work in college, or not to work? That seems to be a common question on students’ minds, especially when a full class schedule can feel like more than enough. Working can be perfect for college students even though it might seem challenging, but it also can offer advantages. Not only can a part-time position earn you extra money, but it can also impact your college life in other ways.

 Benefits of Working While in College

Reduce Debt

In general, most people who work their way through school have less student loan debt than those who don’t. A part-time job and a careful budget can be perfect for college students as it can help to pay for your classes.

Gain Experience

Whether you decide to work a part-time job, internship, or student leadership position, a job in college provides the opportunity to put your learning from your classes into practice. Even job experience that’s not directly related to your field may qualify you for a position that someone without your experience could not get.

Learn Time Management Skills

Learning to manage your time with classes and work will help you to adapt much more quickly, especially after college. Learning to manage your time effectively can help you do better overall. Some students find that they do better in school when they have a job because it means they need to carefully plan out the week to make time to study.

Improve Your Budgeting Skills

You will likely be budget-conscious with the money you earn. Working through college will allow you to practice your budgeting skills.

You may have to come up with a strategy in order to find jobs that appeal to you and work with your academic schedule, but it is completely possible. Below are some part-time job opportunities that will help you earn cash while in college:


It is not difficult to become a ride-sharing driver with Uber, Lyft, and other car services. College campuses can be a great place to drive for a ride-share service during peak hours. If you have a dependable car and a smartphone and are over 21, this can be a fun job you can do whenever you want. If you aren’t a big partier, you can make a lot of driving intoxicated people drive home during nights and weekends. You could also look for carpool organizations on campus if you have a long drive home over the holidays and could use extra gas money.

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Delivery Person

Services are popping up in many towns that will do basic shopping and delivery for customers. These services are looking for people to do either the shopping or the delivery or both. The hours are more flexible and the delivery drivers are often tipped.

Alternatively, working for a major delivery service may be a great job to put yourself through school with the benefits and tuition reimbursement program through UPS and Amazon.

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Babysitting jobs vary from one-time events to cover date night, to recurring jobs after school every day, to live-in caregiver. While you might be able to find babysitting gigs through campus message boards or community members, you might also want to sign up for an online job board like

It also helps to have certification or references in order to land this job. Many platforms now enable on-demand care around your location, such as

Working can be perfect for college students even though it might seem challenging. Share on X


Tutors can make more than $20 an hour, and it can be a fairly steady paycheck, without a lot of preparation time. You can go through a tutoring service such as, VIPKid, Chegg, Brainfuse, TutorMe, and Skooli, which may take a part of what you make or advertise on your own.

Tutoring allows you to work as much or as little as you want and manage a more flexible schedule, which can be perfect for college students.

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Wait Staff

Waiting tables are a great job for college students, especially with the possibility of making because of the tips that you will make on the job. It is important to find a job at a restaurant that stays busy. You will need to identify the shifts that make the most money and be willing to work those during the week. This is a great second job or job to help you cover your living expenses while in school.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writing can be a lucrative career. You can write content for blogs, websites, and even print publications. You are able to work from home and choose the frequency of your assignments. It’s also an opportunity to write about almost any topic you can think of, as well as get experience if you want a future career in writing.

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Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

If you love animals, you may want to consider becoming a dog walker or pet sitter. You can advertise on your own and build up a clientele or start working for a company that will set up your clients for you. The pay is better than minimum wage, and you will be outside getting exercise while you work.

Library Assistant

Having a job on campus can help you make a lot of helpful connections you might not have made otherwise. Working in the library not only gets you that and a salary, but also easy access to study materials and resources in your downtime.

Call Center Worker

Although this job may have a set schedule, you may be able to earn more by working overnight and or late shifts. If you are great at selling to people, you may be able to earn a significant amount through your commission. The different hours make it possible for you to go to school and earn money to support yourself.

Office Assistant

Almost every department on your campus will need an assistant who handles responsibilities such as answering phones, scheduling appointments, and maintaining files. Although this might not be the most fascinating job out there, the organizational skills you will develop will be a great asset to you as you go through the rest of college and eventually launch your career.

Tips to Make Working in College Easier

Find a job with a set schedule. This may make it easier to plan your classes and your study time.

Consider a job in your field of study to get work experience that will benefit you.

Be sure to schedule a time to relax and have fun with your friends. It’s important to find balance if you are going to work while in school.

Be sure to set aside money each month to help cover tuition and other fees.


Taking on a part-time job while in school can be perfect for college students. You earn extra money while also building up your resume for your future career. Make sure you are exploring your options, and get a job that works with your class schedules. Make sure you come up with the right balance between your job opportunities and school.