How to Make Money Selling Your Stuff Online

Selling items online is no doubt one of the easiest ways to make money fast. Almost everyone has things lying around their house that they no longer want or need. Instead of keeping clutter and unwanted items, you could be making money by selling your stuff.

While it sounds easy, selling items is not as simple as hosting a huge yard sale each summer. Thanks to the internet, you can market your items right in front of community members and online shoppers. There’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to successfully sell your items super-fast. However, there are some key things you can utilize to improve your chances of making money by selling your stuff online.

Start With a Strategy

Most people don’t realize this, but if you want to make money selling your stuff online, you need to start with a strategy. Sometimes, you can list items online at random and they will sell. Other times, it’s crickets. To avoid this, determine what you want to sell and why.

Set a timeline to help you sell your things quickly. Also, consider who your target customer will be and how you’ll reach them. The internet provides tons of ways to advertise and market your listings so take this into consideration when mapping out your strategy.

Research Best-Selling Product Categories

During the strategy process, be sure to research best-selling product categories on other sites to get an idea of what’s selling. Some items generally sell better than others. So even if you think a particular item might sell quickly, double-check and research to establish realistic expectations.

There have been so many times where I listed things like clothes, kids’ toys, or even home items thinking they’d sell when they never did. My husband and I even tried to sell an antique item but it was unsuccessful.

Through research and experience, I’ve found that some of the things that tend to sell well for me are:

  • Electronics and smaller gaming consoles
  • Furniture
  • Outdoor toys
  • Sporting gear
  • Rugs
  • Small kitchen appliances

In addition to researching product categories, also look at how the items are being priced. I always like to look at the cost of the item new vs. used so I can offer a realistic price for my listing.
While it sounds easy, selling items is not as simple as hosting a huge yard sale each summer. Share on X

Declutter Your Home Wisely

Decluttering can be more exciting when you know that you’re going to be able to make some extra money. Realize that all your stuff might not sell though so you may want to avoid listing it in the first place. That super old TV you have or that desk with chipped paint may not actually attract a buyer. Some items might be better off donated instead.

Start by making a pile of items that might be good to sell and a separate pile for items that can be donated. Choose to start with items that are in great condition and could be profitable based on your research.

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Narrow Down the Best Platform(s)

There are so many great sites to consider when selling your stuff online. You may think to start with the most popular options such as Amazon or eBay. These are great but also keep an open mind about other sites. If you’re looking to sell items locally, consider platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Offer Up, or Craigslist.

If you’re selling clothes, Poshmark or Mercari are great platforms to try since they’re geared toward people looking to purchase clothing. There are even specific sites dedicated to reselling your old toys and other items. If you have books or electronics, Decluttr or the Amazon Buyback program are solid options.

Also, be sure to check if you can post the same item on multiple platforms to increase your reach. Then, when the item sells you can mark it sold on all the platforms you were using.

Set Your Listing Up For Success

Don’t rush through the process of setting up your listing. This is one of the most important steps that can make or break your sale. Be sure to use a headline that’s short and to the point to describe the product. Usually, the product name, color, and brand is enough for the headline. Avoid using extra punctuation or adjectives that may make your listing sound too salesy.

Next, write a brief but detailed description of the item including its condition, measurements (if needed), and anything else buyers should be aware of. If there are any signs of wear or missing parts for the item, be sure to clearly state this in the description as well.

Quality pictures can make or break a listing when you’re selling your stuff online. Make sure you take have lots of lighting in the space you’re taking pictures at whether it’s artificial or natural lighting. Even if you have a smartphone camera, your pictures should still turn out clear and sharp. Be sure to capture the full view of the item and include additional photos from different angles.

Think about what you’d like to see if you’re a potential buyer. Some platforms allow you to upload multiple photos so take advantage of this. Finally, be sure to include any tags or keywords that could help promote your listing. This seems like such a small part of listing process but it could make a noticeable difference.

Be Professional and Respond Promptly

Even though you’re just selling your stuff online, act professional and treat it like a business. Respond promptly when someone has questions or seems interested in the item. It helps to download the selling app if this is an option. That way, you can communicate with people right from your phone.

Avoid giving out your personal contact details like your phone number and email if it’s not necessary. If you’re selling items locally, you can also

Ask For Reviews or Ratings

If you want to build your credibility as a seller, be sure to ask for reviews and rating from buyers after making a successful sale. People will be happy to give you a star rating or write a sentence about their experience buying from you.

This could motivate more people to do business with you in the future. The trick is to ask for reviews as soon as you make a sale. That way, it’s timely and you will lose the opportunity if you wait too long.

Summary: Selling Your Stuff Online is Worth the Effort

Selling your stuff online is worth the effort if you have a great strategy and do the research. Some items are not worth trying to sell but others could give you a nice cash bonus when you follow these steps.