7 Easy Kitchen Updates to Accomplish Right Before Listing Your House

Kitchens and bathrooms really help sell homes. Adding or updating the backsplash, painting the cabinets, changing out cabinet hardware, and even upgrading appliances before you list your home can help attract more buyers. We recently sold our house and I found last-minute kitchen updates to be extremely helpful.

The good news is that these small projects can be completed quickly and don’t have to require a lot of money. We’re not talking about remodeling your entire kitchen here. If you’re planning on selling your home soon or just want to give your space a facelift, here are 7 easy kitchen updates to accomplish right b before listing your house.

1. Freshen Up the Cabinets

Could your cabinets use a little touch-up? See if you can give them a fresh coat of paint or even change the look completely. This is the perfect time to fix that chipped paint or make those changes that have been on your to-do list for a while now. In most cases, the paint and supplies required to touch up your kitchen cabinets will cost less than $100.

You can also consider changing your cabinet hardware which is an easy but noticeable fix. This small move can transform the entire look of your kitchen. Cabinet hardware can be inexpensive and you can even order it online on Amazon or stop by your nearest Home Depot or Lowes.

Another update to consider is to replace some of the kitchen cabinet doors with a clear glass door or remove some of the doors completely. ‘Open cabinets’ are a popular new style that people are gravitating toward as it creates a clear and airy look in a kitchen. Not to mention, it makes things super accessible.

2. Touch Up the Paint

In addition to repainting your kitchen cabinets, you can also touch up the paint on the kitchen walls as well. Kitchens get messy so quick, so you’ll want to clean the walls and repaint them before you sell your home. Another option to explore is painting the kitchen a completely different color. You can pick up free paint samples and test out different ideas to give your kitchen a whole new look for less.

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3. Update the Backsplash

Does your kitchen currently have a backsplash? If not consider adding one. This list of easy kitchen updates on a budget wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t touch on this. When my husband and I first moved to our home, we installed a kitchen backsplash and it was a game changer in terms of the look of our kitchen. A new backsplash made things look much brighter, more elegant, and clean.

The good news is that we’re able to install it by ourselves with just a few tools. Check out YouTube videos and other tutorials to help you see if it’s possible to DIY a kitchen backsplash. Or, if you know anyone who may have that experience invite them over for lunch one day and ask them to show you the ropes. You won’t regret it.

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4. Consider Installing a New Faucet

Installing a new faucet is much cheaper than replacing the entire sink. This is also a noticeable change that buyers might appreciate. If your existing faucet is older or you’re simply looking for a new look, start looking for replacements. Most basic faucets will go for less than $100 which includes the ones that come with a fancy sprayer. You can go for a more modern look, try a faucet that comes with an LED light, or choose anything you wish.

When it comes to installing your new faucet, you may need to hire a professional to make sure it’s connected correctly so gather quotes from a list of trusted plumbers if needed.

5. Clean or Replace Flooring

Replacing your flooring can still be one of the best easy kitchen updates if you have the skill. If not, you may want to ask friends or hire an affordable contractor for this. Replacing old kitchen tile or updating hardwood is a fix that won’t go unnoticed. Depending on how big your kitchen is, you may be able to keep costs reasonably low as well.

Research some of the best flooring options online or in person at a home improvement store. Some websites even allow you to view the flooring in your home digitally which can be very helpful before you make a purchase and install. If you feel your existing floors can stay as it, just give them a good shine and polish before listing your home.

6. Update Fixtures

A lot of people forget to clean and assess their kitchen light fixtures before selling a home. This small detail can still make a difference when showings start since buyers and realtors tend to look at every little thing. Start by cleaning your existing light fixture and replacing the bulb(s). Even if the bulb is not out yet, it may be a little dull so installing a new one can brighten up the space.

Next, consider if you want to change out the light fixture. This is another addition to your list of easy kitchen updates that will probably cost you less than $100 depending on which light fixture you choose.

7. Declutter

Finally, start decluttering your kitchen and getting rid of stuff you don’t need. You want your kitchen to be clear and appear as spacious as possible. The way buyers can see features like the cabinets, counters, and backsplash. We tend to accumulate too many cups and coffee mugs and have to declutter this area. With your kitchen appliances, narrow down what you will use over the next few weeks and pack the other items away or get rid of them to clear up counter space.

Realize that decluttering can be done in waves and doesn’t have to take place all in one day.

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Summary – Start With These Easy Kitchen Updates ASAP

Small and easy kitchen updates can really transform the look of one of the most important rooms in your house. Focusing on the little details such as paint, a backsplash or a faucet can help you attract more buyers and sell your home. Not to mention, an updated kitchen can even add value to your home. If you’re looking to start selling in the next few months, make a checklist and get started with these affordable and easy kitchen updates ASAP.