15 Frugal Date Ideas For Couples

Dating is exciting for a reason! Couples who date regularly have better communication skills, have more fun, are less stressed, have a greater sense of commitment, and often experience more romance in their relationships. Have you done any unique date ideas for couples recently? 

But do you struggle to think of date ideas that aren’t expensive? However, there are lots of cheap and fun dates that you and your partner can do.

Check out 15 frugal date ideas for couples that you can do with your partner.

1.  Have a Picnic

Whether you go for a traditional outdoor picnic or put down a blanket inside or on your balcony or roof, if you have access, a picnic is a great way to shake things up on the cheap.

2.  Visit a Museum

While certain museums have steep ticket prices, many hold free or discounted days or hours during weekdays so you can get cultured on a budget. Many museums and attractions have free days| or nights when they allow anyone to visit for free. 

3.  Plan a Binge Watch

Sometimes there’s simply too much good TV to stay up-to-date during the week. Instead, pitch a binge-watch day, where you and your boo dress cozy, make snacks and finish all the episodes in one go. 

4.  Paint and Sip Bars

These are a fun experience, but they can sometimes get pricey and you don’t always have control over what you make. So recreate something similar at home, whether it’s a fun DIY project you guys have been thinking about, to buying a brush and a small palette to make something for the wall.

5.  Make an At-Home Spa

An at-home spa date night is the perfect in-between for a cheap date night. Recreate your own spa experience by drawing a bubble bath, lighting a few candles, and throwing in a soothing massage. Bonus points if you can get your partner to put on a face mask.

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6.  Karaoke Night

Visit a local bar that has a karaoke night and test your vocal chords together. You’re only paying for drinks but can either watch others sing or get up on stage yourself.

Karaoke is a guaranteed fun night, even if you can’t hold a note to save your life.

7.  Go Stargazing

When’s the last time you actually put your phone down and look at the skies? Grab a blanket and try to find your favorite constellations. If you need some guidance, you can download apps like Star Tracker

8.  Sign Up for Trivia Night

Sign up together for trivia night at a local bar to see how well you can recall random facts. Winners usually leave with a cash prize, meaning that you could share a winner’s pot or save it for your next date night.

9.  Browse a Book Store or Library

Getting to know about the books that made someone who they are can be a great way to get to know each other’s likes and dislikes. Heading to a bookstore or library and browsing the pages is totally free, and a little more active than just a coffee shop. 

10.  Get Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned ice cream date? Get a cone, pick some toppings, and go for a stroll around a park for just about the cutest date idea in the world. 

11.  Hit the Trails

Going a hike somewhere beautiful has always been one of the most popular date ideas. Check out the nature in your local area. This is a great way to connect with nature while relaxing and making memories.

12.  Have a Game Night at Home

A friendly date night at home with board games is perfect if you’re feeling lazy. This works for double dates but there are many games for 2 players as well. Order in pizza and let the games begin.

13.  Watch the sun rise or set together.

This date is free and a great way to experience the beauty of nature together. Pack a blanket and a thermos to make sure the evening or morning is cozy and romantic. This date idea can be done from home, the beach, or a lookout point. Nothing is prettier or more romantic than watching the sun’s gorgeous colors.

14.  Catch a Live Band

Music is one of the greatest things to bond over with your love. Whether it’s checking out an up-and-coming band at a dive bar or snagging tickets to a show at a smaller venue, rocking out with a drink in hand and bae by your side never fails in the date-night department.

15.  Backyard Movie Night

If you don’t have a projector or outdoor screen, you can still have a backyard movie night using your laptop. If you’ve been together for years, watching movies dating from when you first got together is a lot of fun. It will bring a rush of memories and feelings back from when you first met.

Bring the popcorn and blankets outside to snuggle up.


I hope that these date ideas for couples will help you get to know your partner better without going over budget. Many of the ideas can easily be combined to create an amazing date anyone would love to be on.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other frugal date night ideas.