Best $20 Christmas Gift Ideas For the Whole Family

The holidays are nearly here. Are you running behind on shopping for gifts? Or perhaps you don’t know what to buy some of your loved ones. Amazon is a great place to buy your Christmas gifts because you can find nearly anything on the site, regardless of your interests or budget. They also sell very affordable products and provide free shipping. Check out this list of $20 Christmas gifts that your whole family would enjoy.

1. Mini Waffle Maker

I love the Dash mini product line – especially their mini waffle maker. This affordable gift is great for a loved one who probably wouldn’t eat a delicious breakfast if it requires too much time to make. You can make regular waffles or even check out other recipes and make breakfast sandwiches, desserts, or more.

The Dash mini waffle maker is small but gets the job done and its size makes it easy to store in your kitchen.

2. Mason Jars Set

This classic but very functional 2-piece mason jar set is perfect for drinking boba, tea, smoothies, and more at home or on the go. These jars come with lids and straws, and hold up to 24 ounces.

3. Throw Blanket or Custom Blanket

Who doesn’t love a comfy throw blanket? This sherpa throw blanket is just $20 on Amazon and it comes in several colors like gray, pink, and blue. This blanket is machine washable with cold water and it’s a great addition to the living room couch, a lounge area in the home office, or even at the edge of your bed.

4. Customized Picture BlanketĀ 

Another creative Christmas gift option that’s under $20 is this customized picture blanket. This is a great gift for a couple, grandparent, or a baby blanket. It’s fully customizable and there are a few different templates to choose from whether you want the blanket to feature one large picture or up to 6 smaller images.

Just be sure to upload your images and place your order early on to allow enough time for shipping around the holidays.

5. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker is a little over $20, but you may find a good deal around the holidays. Amazon always has sales leading up to Christmas (and even after). Plus, they also offer coupons and other discounts on select products.

Still, this would be an amazing gift for someone you know who enjoys listening to music around the house. I’ve purchased a few portable bluetooth speakers for my husband over the years. He loves to use it when he’s doing chores around the house or out playing basketball with friends. We also use our speaker a lot during home parties and gatherings.


6. Kids Pajamas

Consider getting your kids some warm and fuzzy new pajamas this Christmas. This set on Amazon is under $20 and comes in several different colors.

This satin kids’ pajama set is also a great find. I don’t know about you, but we generally like to relax right after the holiday and lounge around the house in pajamas. Your kids will enjoy these pjs while they play with all their new toys and soak in lots of family time.

7. Books and Puzzles

Amazon has plenty of books and puzzles to choose from. These classic $20 Christmas gifts are great for kids or adults. See what genres your loved ones may be interested in and get them a book that will keep then engaged and entertained for hours. I just ordered a new book for my son which starts a series I think he’ll really like. Reading helps us relax and escape.

You also never know how many people set goals to read each year and don’t get around to it. Your gift could encourage them to actually make time dive into a great book.

Puzzles are also a good idea for that person who loves the challenge of solving something. This 750-piece jigsaw puzzle on Amazon will keep people busy for hours.

8. Board Games

Enhance family game night with some new board games. Board games are another fun $20 Christmas gift that you may even be able to score for less money. Update your game collection or try a new game that you think your family would enjoy.

Board games are also great items to have in your home when you have guests over and need an activity as a host. Connect 4 and Monopoly are just a few of the popular options out there to choose from.

9. Gift Card

A gift card is a versatile gift that can go a long way. I personally like giving gift cards to teens or adults who I know might prefer to buy something specific they want. Gift cards can be just as thoughtful as any other gift. You can purchase an Amazon gift card for someone to purchase something they want. Or, you can even get a gift card to their favorite restaurant to they can treat themselves to lunch.

One year, I got my husband a new wallet for Christmas and filled it with gift cards to his favorite places so he could get lunch some days, buy tools he needed, and do other things.

Summary: $20 Christmas Gifts Are Great For Any Budget

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on Christmas gifts, especially if you’re on a tighter budget this year. It’s the thought that truly counts, and there are plenty of options on Amazon $20 or less. This list is just a start to help you brainstorm and plan a successful Christmas shopping experience. Be sure to check out Amazon’s specific gift guides for each family member so you can help put a smile on their face this holiday season.