Love is In The Air – 30 Days of Self Love Any One Can Afford

The month of February is all about love! What better way to start the month off than by finding ways to practice self love. Practicing self love and self-care doesn’t have to mean spending hundreds of dollars. At its core, practicing self-love simply means taking care of yourself so that you can achieve well-balanced health that doesn’t just mean on the physical side, but in terms of your mental and spiritual health as well.

Here we have a list of things you can repeat on a budget throughout the month to fill that void and refresh yourself with a little self love.

Pamper Yourself

A simple half hour spent relaxing in a bath with some candles, and maybe even a glass of wine might be just what you need. Take at least a few minutes to give yourself the me-time you deserve.

Read a Book 

It’s easy to convince ourselves that we don’t have time for this simple pleasure, but reading can serve as such a great escape. Even just allowing yourself one chapter a night can be an act of self-love. Reading makes one knowledgeable. It adds wisdom to one’s mind and makes you confident. It’s not only a way of gaining knowledge but reading good books boosts memory and mood while adding a sense of self-esteem. 

Practice Yoga

Yoga is perfect for slowing down and clearing your mind. If you’re already familiar with yoga, go ahead and practice some of your favorite poses. If you’re new to it, find an easy tutorial for beginners online. As you focus on breathing and maintaining your balance, you’ll feel all your worries drift away.

Cook Yourself A Meal You Love

Going out to eat is fun and delicious, but it can get expensive. It’s a good thing it’s both just as fun and less expensive to cook for yourself at home, right? A home-cooked meal can even make for a nice get-together with friends, if you ask everyone to contribute a dish. It can also be a good way to cook just for yourself and prep a few meals for the week, too.

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Write in a Journal

Journaling can be very therapeutic, and all you need to get started is a pen and paper! Jot down some of your favorite memories from your day or week so that you can look back on them later, or write about something that’s troubling you. Putting all your thoughts on paper can help you work through whatever emotions you’re experiencing.

Just Say No

You can’t be everything to everyone, and it’s hard to give anything your best if you’re constantly trying to do it all. When you practice saying “no,” it allows you to take on what you can handle. This is a great way to respect and love yourself more.

Be Grateful

It’s super easy to get caught up in all the stressful or negative things going on in your life, and that can take a toll on your mental health. Take a few moments to write down some things you’re grateful for to refocus your energy on the positive things around you. It can be anything from watching a movie with your pet to that amazing meal you had the other day just be sure to write it down so you can look back on it later!

Get Some Extra Sleep

Many of us don’t get enough sleep, and that can really wear us down mentally and physically as time goes on. The daily recommended amount of sleep is at least seven hours per night for most adults. If you have trouble hitting your recommended amount of sleep, try setting smaller goals to work up to it.

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Drink More Water

Do you drink enough water? If you don’t, take a moment to sip a glass or two and make a mental note to drink more every day. Chances are you’ll start to feel more energized. To keep track of your water, exercise, and eating habits, print out this habit tracker to stay on top of your physical self-care!

Organize Your Space

If you get stressed by clutter, consider making time to clean up and reap the benefits of a clutter-free zone. If you don’t have the time and can afford to do so, you might give yourself permission to hire someone to do this for you.

Set a Big Financial Goal

Think about all of your financial goals and decide which one you want to put into motion. Then, come up with a plan to reach it!

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Final Thoughts

Be kind to yourself, everyone makes a mistake every now and then and it can be easy to get down on yourself or beat yourself up, but it’s important to treat yourself with kindness. Instead of being mad at yourself or putting yourself down when things don’t go as planned, treat yourself with that same support.