Give Your Salon a Facelift!

Is your salon in need of a makeover? How your salon premises look will reflect how customers view your business. A salon needs to appear fresh, clean, modern and stylish, but none of this has to break the bank. Just as with fashions in clothing, interior design changes. It may be a longer cycle, but if you take a quick look around your salon you might notice that it’s stuck in the noughties, or even the nineties. Giving it a quick makeover, or a total revamp, will both improve business and customer satisfaction.

Budget Boost

A smart finish and clean look is the most essential consideration. Customers walking into a rundown salon will worry that if you treat your business in this way, how much care will you put into their haircut? You can smarten up your salon easily with a deep clean, a new lick of paint and by making sure any furniture or fittings, such as your salon chairs, are not faulty or in need of repair. The smallest job can sometimes make the biggest difference when it comes to customer perception. You know that the slight rip on a waiting-room chair doesn’t affect its function but to a customer it looks messy and unkempt. Check your magazines. If they are more than three months old, then throw them out and source some new ones. Less is more and a handful of quality magazines or beauty books are far more enticing than a large pile of cheap magazines.

Wall Art

Look at what’s on your walls. Model photos are out these days and art is in, which can also be a less threatening and more relaxing view for the customer. Comfort is very important and if your lighting is very bright, this could also put people off. Obviously, you need excellent lighting in your treatment rooms, but a waiting room requires a more calming effect, with softer lighting and relaxing music.

First Impressions Count

Step outside and take a good look at your shop front. You probably walk in everyday without checking the exterior. Is your sign telling the customers everything they need to know and does it look enticing? The exterior may need a new paint job. Changing it may entice potential customers who walk past every day and have hardly noticed your salon.

Total Facelift

If you really want to turn things around, then a total revamp will certainly entice customers. Again, comfort is crucial and the last thing you want to do is put anxious or unsure customers off. Choose a theme or perhaps even consult with a designer to make sure that your styling chairs, waiting chairs and décor choices don’t conflict and that the new-look salon flows from facade to waiting room to treatment room. A customer may be highly impressed with the exterior and the waiting area, but if they are treated in a shabby looking room, they won’t come back. Themes to consider include a nature-inspired look or a modern glass-and-chrome style.

Salons should reflect the business they sell. They are places of beauty and improvement. Customers will subconsciously consider the way you have designed your salon in relation to how your treatments will benefit them. Important elements to consider are cleanliness and comfort, from the styling chairs to the towels you use – you need potential customers to feel at ease in your environment. Drumming up business needn’t cost a fortune. A lick of paint here and a quick repair and tidy-up there can transform a scruffy-looking salon into a more professional-looking establishment and attract many new customers.

This post was written by Leyla, a blogger currently writing on behalf of Salons Direct.