Exotic Places you can travel to on a Budget

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The economic news hasn’t been great and many of us are tightening up our purse strings for fear of what might happen. In spite of that, there things few of us are prepared to miss out on and one of them is travel. Generally, in countries where the weather is seasonal, with wet winters and stormy summers, people crave and save for their much needed holiday. The one or two times they manage to escape each year are life preservers for the months of work and bills the rest of the year has in store.

Well enough about the brash budget economics, today we’re going to look at some of the best budget destinations and why you might just want to start saving up for that special affordable trip.

All of our destination are chosen to suit most travellers and will be not be hard on your pocket either if you use a comparision engine to find the cheapest flights or hotels and whilst you’re there. Taking advantage of something called deadhead flights, where a passenger books a round-trip without using his return ticket, is another way to save smart. There are loads of cheap package deals going to these countries at the moment so all you’ll need is to pick up travel insurance and you’re all set to go.

Thanks to the Arab spring, Egypt is currently seeing record low numbers of bookings for tourists even though the government retracted all is warnings toward the end of last year. Egypt isn’t incredibly cheap but comparatively, it’s a bargain at the moment. In terms of travel you have two real options –the red sea for sun and sand or a Nile cruise, the pyramids and the bustling city of Cairo. Of the two, both have their merits but the pyramids and Abu Simbel for sightseeing are amongst the very best the world can possibly offer you.

The Azores
In terms of beauty and beaches Azores is going to be one of the best places to head to this year. They’ve regretfully been fairly badly hit by the economic crisis and bookings and prices are at an all-time low. Five star hotels are currently going for just over $100 and budget trips are comparative. Flights aren’t inordinately pricey and so things are really looking up for travel. In terms of what to do the beaches are the biggest draw by for so if you want sun, sea and sand this is a great bet.

Well we all know that the Greek economy has been one of the most badly hit in recent years and this has made prices incredibly low for 2012. Athens is a must see for the history and the Acropolis is absolutely incredible. For those looking for something more light hearted, the south coast offers plenty of stunning hotels and beautiful beaches. Greece is truly a cultural gem and the food and atmosphere in the country make it well worth a visit.

Like Egypt Tunisia’s revolution has severely impacted tourism and prices are incredibly low. Package holidays are going at as much as a 40% discount even though travel is perfectly safe within the country. The vast deserts and the troglodyte caves are the highlights for many though there’s plenty of opportunity for beaches and general relaxation. Tunisia has a rich archaeological history with roman ruins alongside traditional Tunisian homes and monuments as well as vast salt planes and picture perfect sunsets.