4 Creative Ways to Make Money

You’re working hard, paying off debt, and cut down your expenses to the bare minimum, but no matter what you do, you just don’t seem to have enough money to go around. Maybe you’re barely making it paycheck to paycheck or you want to pay off debt faster, or perhaps you want to save up for a vacation—what you really need is more income. You can always take up a part time job – Secretarial jobs are of the best temp jobs out there.

Making more money is easier said than done. A lot of jobs require interviews, and even easy part-time jobs, such as waitressing and fast food restaurants, require you to be on a schedule and barely pay minimum wage. What’s a person to do?

Find creative ways to make money that don’t involve a lot of time or require you to stick to a stringent schedule.

Mystery Shopping

Have you tried mystery shopping? It’s a serious business and definitely real. Mystery Shopping involves visiting a location and giving a report on your experience. Mystery shopping is great for the person who needs flexibility, since you set your own schedule. In addition, you can also cut down some of your basic expenses by conducting mystery shops for grocery stores, which sometimes reimburse for groceries, or for restaurants, which will reimburse you for the cost of the meal.

Give yourself some time to get the hang of it. To get started, check out Mystery Shopping Providers Association for mystery shop companies in your area.


Have any special talents? Offer them up on Fiverr, a website where people offer up a service for $5. Perhaps you can write a 100-word blurb for $5, or proofread a 500-word document for $5, or anything else you can think of. You’d be amazed at some of the offerings; everything from singing a song to posting a promotional video on YouTube. People will do almost anything for $5.


Can you design? Are you a writer? Can you proofread? Get started doing freelancing on the side. Let everyone you know that you’re accepting clients. Get your name out there, and perhaps start off on ODesk. It takes a bit to get set up but when you finally do, you can take on clients as you wish and work as many or as little hours as you please.


Do you have a special talent? Can you sew, knit, or bake dog treats? Think about turning your special talent into a shop! Esty is an online store where people can showcase their wares. You’ll find throw pillows, scarves, dresses, beauty products, and more.

By creating an Etsy store you can sell your items and rake in the profits. Creating your wares and promoting your store can be done on your spare time.

When people complain that they can’t make any extra money or take a side job, it’s because they’re not thinking or working hard enough. It is possible to come up with a side hustle job that is flexible and that will allow you to make enough extra money to supplement your income and pay down debt faster.