Which Baby Essential Costs Can You Skip?

Babies are a precious gift and blessing, but they are also the target for materialism. As a new parent or grandparent, it is easy to get sucked into the mentality that your new bundle of joy needs a lot of items. Here are four baby items you can skip all together.

Skip – Baby Washcloths and Towels: Now that I have had one of my baby showers, I can say that people were overly excited to give me baby washcloths and bath towels. I received about 8 packages! As cute as they were, I really did not need the overpriced and poor quality items. This is not to say that those who bought me the items were being cheap. It is the companies who make the items that make the items lower quality.

Don’t waste money on the baby-targeted items. They are marked up in price because they know people will buy them for showers and baby gifts. Instead, purchase 1-3 soft and good quality towels and washcloths. This should cost you about $15-20, where as a thin baby towel and set of 6 thin washcloths will cost about $15 at Target. The difference is that you will most likely have to replace the baby set after a few months.

Skip – Shopping Cart Cover: This has been considered a must have, but is it really? Of course all of us want our babies to stay germ-free, but many stores offer anti-bacterial wipes in front so you can easily wipe down the cart seat and handle for a more frugal approach. Skipping the shopping cart cover will save you about $20-30 new, as well as the hassle of totting it around. Plus, how many times are you going to remember washing it if it just stays in the trunk of your car?

Skip – Special Baby Music and Sound Machines: There is no doubt that white noise and baby lullaby CDs help little ones fall asleep or calm down in times of despair. However, how many of us are without MP3 players/iPods etc. that can function for the same purpose. On Pandora, there are classical music channels and white noise channels. There are also several free music resources that can be downloaded for personal use. Many times, white noise can be provided through another baby essential such as a fan, humidifier, or air purifier. Getting creative with your sound machines will save you anywhere from $25-50.

Skip – Wipes Warmer: I know some mothers are happy to have this device, but it really is just another unneeded accessory. Generally babies do not like having wet diapers or being changed, and a wipe warmer is not going to improve that fact. Even if this was a magical device to get babies to stop crying during diaper changing time, the truth is that diaper changes do not take that much time. Skip the extra contraption all together and save about $20.

There are so many more baby items that you can completely cross off your registry list. Chances are, you will receive several unnecessary baby items for your baby shower, as well. While baby items are cute, the clutter and storage that comes along with the excess is not.

What are some baby items that you received or thought you had to have, only to find out they were a waste of time?