How to prepare your car for a holiday

With the summer season in full swing, taking a holiday will be high on the list of priorities for the majority of people. Of course, taking a holiday involves more than simply choosing a destination and setting off – there is plenty of preparation which needs to be done and most of that centres on your vehicle.

For those planning to drive to their holiday hot-spot, making sure your car is in top condition is essential. Even those heading abroad will need to consider how they should prepare their hire car; finding a reputable company and investing in car hire insurance to protect against potential damages.


In addition to hire car excess insurance, drivers should also review their existing insurance policies to see if it covers the type of use which they have planned. If in doubt, always phone your insurance provider and ask whether your vehicle is covered when travelling for holidays.

If you choose to hire a car, make sure you consider the insurance policy you obtain carefully. Tailor it to the specific type of holiday you are taking and remember that you may need excess insurance to cover any potential gaps in your cover.

Car maintenance

Checking the condition of the car is also important and this should be done on personal vehicles or hire cars. Make sure you check the vital fluid levels, such as those for the engine oil, radiator water and brake fluid, as well as checking the condition and tread depth of tyres. It is also advisable to check the fuel level, especially if hiring a car.

Driving rules

Of course, the car is not the only thing which you need to prepare for a long journey this summer and it is important you are prepared as well. Take some time to read up on the rules of the road and plan your route. Make sure you schedule regular stops to avoid driver fatigue and if planning to drive abroad then ensure your vehicle and licence complies with their rules and legislations. Some countries require drivers to carry specific documentation or equipment in their car at all times so it is worthwhile researching this beforehand.