Tips for Launching a Direct Mail Campaign to Homeowners

Homeowners are a fantastic – but highly coveted – demographic for marketing. Everyone want to stand out from the crowd, and everyone wants a highly-targeted list of juicy informational details to help sell to customers.

Since Google’s really the only one holding that kind of info, the silver bullet lies in an effective, eye-catching direct mail campaign that will hook homeowners. Do you remember the days when your mailbox was chock-full of direct mailers? Now, your chances of standing out from the crowd are much greater since many marketers have shifted their efforts online in an attempt to cut costs.

Here are some ways to make your direct mail effort a success the first time around.

Make Sure Your List is Highly Targeted

It’s imperative for you to have a highly targeted list of people or else your efforts will be a waste before you even complete the first round of mailings. Your buyers must have been previously profiled, and you need to ensure that they actually need the products or services that you’re selling.

For example, a homeowner that has a home valued at $100,000 is not necessarily going to be interested in having a $50,000 Jacuzzi and personal steam room system installed. That’s why getting your hands on a list of the most highly targeted customers is the element that holds the keys to making money from sales generated by your campaign.

Call in Professionals to Help

Sometimes, you may need information about what your competitors are doing. Other times you may simply need information about the approval status for a building company that’s planning on putting in a new subdivision so you’ll have the jump on targeted clients in the new areas. Maybe you need to hunt down information about the most active builders in your area so that you can pinpoint where to target your mailings in the future.

Unbelievably, there are companies that can help you get things like that done in a flash. Take, for example, Cordell Residential Projects. The company has done extensive research about the Australian construction industry for the better part of 40 years, which means it’s weathered the storms, knows the industry, and has the scoop on the most vital stats for homeowners. Further, the company has ample knowledge and a hardworking team whose data can turn your direct mailing effort into a complete success.

Think about this. When you use a company for this kind of targeted data, it can be a goldmine for your business. You can identify and zero in on key untapped growth areas in the residential market you’re targeting. You can also craft segmented marketing campaigns so that your company can generate a greater number of inbound leads. You can even use the report the company generates for you as a tool for analyzing trends and extracting critical data from the analysis. What’s the point of creating, paying for, and mailing a direct mail piece if you’re unsure of the audience? Getting the research right is what will make or break your campaign.

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