An expert guide to keeping your electricity bills low

Many of us dream of one day owning our own business. This, however, can seem to have a list of headaches which would keep even the soundest of sleepers awake at night. The list of outgoings can be endless and one of the main problems can be the ever increasing price of utility bills. Increases in electricity costs in particular can have a major effect on any business. And knowing when and where to save money can make a massive difference.

Here are some useful tips that your business can save money, regardless of your size.

Occupancy sensors- these are a fantastic lighting solution for any businesses premises. These sensors turn the lights out of any room when it is not occupied. No more feeling like a parent when telling employees to turn out the lights when leaving the room, and it can save substantial amounts of money.

Unplugging appliances-the amount of money that can be saved by simply turning off the power is staggering. Leaving computers on at night for example, can seriously run up your bill. If, however, it’s not feasible to turn them all off at night, simply changing them to ‘sleep mode’ will decrease the power used.

Shop around!-the way in which a business saves money, can be as important as how they make money. Shopping around for a better deal or changing suppliers could seriously save the business money.

Usage monitors-electricity usage monitors are a great way of giving the business a general idea of how and where their most using their electricity and how it can be saved. These can also be obtained free from many energy suppliers.

Consider its importance-does your business really need that toaster? Unused or unneeded electrical appliances can cost the business money which could be put to better use in other areas. Removing them or using them more sparsely can be beneficial.

This is just a few ways in which money can be saved as the increase in electricity prices can be worrying. Being flexible and adapting your electricity use to suit your business will always be helpful.

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