Top 4 Tips to Cut Health Insurance Costs


Insurance (Photo credit: Christopher S. Penn)

Health insurance has been seen more of a necessity than a luxury to many individuals and households in recent years. There are clear benefits to private healthcare and as it has become more common place prices and deals are a lot lower making private health care available to a wider spectrum of society.  If you are thinking of taking out health insurance for yourself, your partner or your family, there are a few guidelines that, if followed will help you obtain the best deal possible for your situation.

Customise your Coverage – Always make sure you are getting exactly what you need from your coverage. Many people don’t realise they are paying over the odds for aspects of their policy that are surplus to their needs. Many policies allow you to pick and choose exactly what you need releasing you from expensive yet redundant clauses. If the company you are with does not offer this, it may be worth having a look around for a policy that does.

Compare your Choices – Make sure to use all of the free tools out there that assist you in comparison of private health insurance.

Reassess your needs annually – Many people fail to reassess their policy on a regular basis.  It really is a mistake to be complacent when there could be better deals out there.  Premiums generally increase annually on 1 April, so it is a good idea to look around in advance of this date.

Haggle – If you do choose to cancel your current policy in lieu of a better deal online, make sure you ring up your current provider to cancel instead of taking the offer to cancel online. This may seem like a more laboured option but many insurance companies are eager to keep their customers, and may offer you a better deal. Because of this the ball will then be in your court. Explain to them the deal you have found elsewhere and see if they are willing to match or even beat it, saving you even more on your premiums.