Investing: One Motif at a time

Motif Investing might help you see investing in a different way. The company is a fast-moving startup based in San Mateo, California. It’s a unique new platform for investing, and it enables people to invest in things they see all around them in their daily lives. When an investor buys a motif, he or she is buying a group of researched stocks that are related by some common denominator. Investors choose 30 stocks for each motif.

The company is all about bringing ideas to the consumer. That’s why all the portfolios people buy are intentionally reflective of investment ideas and trends from real life. It’s easy to diversify, too. Since there are only 30 motifs in a stock, investors can diversify their ideas across lots of different motifs to minimize damage if one motif performs poorly.

Let’s look at some example motifs to get a feel for how the process works.

There’s widespread speculation that tablets will take over laptop computer sales in the next couple of years. Well, speculation no longer – NPD has released an estimate that tablets may account for over 35% of mobile PC purchases by 2014. Obviously, there’s a motif for this trend.

Here’s another one for you. Cloud computing. According to the motif’s description, the cloud computing industry is projected to skyrocket 500% by 2020. That’s huge – and the perfect reason that this is an insanely popular motif.

The investor is in complete control when using Motif Investing. Users can buy a motif as it is, or they can design their own. You can adjust stocks as you see fit, add stocks to your motif, or delete stocks from the package altogether. It’s a community too – you can decide to share information about your motifs and compare notes with others, or not. It’s up to you when you join the service.

Notes on the Price

The pricing for Motif Investing is where the startup really shines. Investors only pay a single commission of $9.95 to buy one motif. Revolutionary! In the age of gimmicks and hooks and greedy brokers, this is a refreshingly simple idea. There are no fees to manage the funds. In addition, investors can start with only $250 for a motif.

It’ll set you back around $10 for the overhead to buy a motif. There are no management fees, and you can invest as little as $1000 in a motif to get started. The company has already built more than 80 motifs and more are being added regularly. This is a great idea, and it will likely turn traditional investing on its head. It’s a real wakeup call for Wall Street.

This article was sponsored by Motif investing, an innovative new online investing platform that empowers individuals to easily invest in ideas they see every day. A motif is a carefully researched and balanced grouping of up to 30 stocks that combine to give investors diverse exposure to a single big idea.