Upside Visa Prepaid Card Review

Metabank offers this prepaid card which is the best choice for teenagers. It promotes the acquiring of adequate money management skills, absorption of credit scores, attaining of financial literacy and provision of allowances and pocket money.
Moreover, parents are able to transfer from checking accounts free of charge, have online and real time access to the card holder’s purchases, and gives control over the time and method used to load the credit card itself.

UPside Prepaid Visa works like a checking account. Write personal checks online. Free direct deposit. FDIC.

There are three plans that can be enrolled for:

  • The Upside Clear– It doesn’t require activation or a membership fee. It only requires a maximum balance of $1000. However, there is a need for enrolment to another plan for ATM access.
  • The Upside Edge Plan – This service acts as an upgrade. It only requires a maximum balance of $5000 and that of $29.95 per year. Also, this is refunded according to the activity of the card. It therefore provides more for less.
  • The Upside Access – It requires a monthly membership fee of $2.99. The maximum balance permitted, on the other hand, is $2000. Thus it is best suited for flexibility and non-commitment.

The similarities between the three plans is that they all allow parents to check or monitor the savings, have a convenience fee of $2.50 that is best suited instant reloads. However, only the Upside Edge Plan and Upside access plan allow for a direct deposit from external parties such as employers or friends, provide for full ATM access either in the US or abroad, and allow for the writing of checks online for cardholders over the age of 18years. None of these is available for the plan. In the same way, only Upside Clear plan and Upside Access plan provide for a rewards program whereby, crediting of points is done for either a sponsorship program and/or Upside Mall purchases. As for the Upside Edge plan, although similar to the other plans, provides for an additional earning of 1% cash back on loaded funds.
Additional advantages of this card include the fact that the amount of cash one can own is limitless! Moreover, the Upside Clear plan allows for moving of allowances from plastic, free of charge. Hence reloads and activation are free.
UPside Prepaid Visa offers free direct deposit and cash loads at 50,000 retailers. Only $1/month. FDIC. No Credit check.

There is also no monthly or annual fee.

Enrolment for this card can be done online, and can be received in the mail. Reloads can also be managed, once or concurrently, online. Moreover, there is no debt or annual percentage rate.

Here is a video talking about Prepaid Cards:

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