Peer to Peer Lending Versus CDs

We’ve spent some time talking about finding ways to earn more money. Now, let’s look at some vehicles for saving and investing. For quite some time, I’ve been investing in CDs. The appeal for me has been that I blocked my own access to the money, so I wouldn’t be tempted to spend it. Hence the savings portion of this website – if I had money in my regular savings account, I would have spent every penny by now for sure.

CDs – The Draw for Me

I like to diversify. I’m using other investing vehicles aside from certificates of deposit, but CDs are definitely a staple for my portfolio. Many people talk bad about CDs, claiming that they barely outweigh inflation, and that’s likely true. But when you invest smaller amounts like I did to use it as a foolproof savings account, frankly, it will be the single best way to keep your hands off the money. That in itself makes a CD worth its weight in gold (at least for me).


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