10 Features That Add Resale Value To A Home

According to bankrate, the 10 features listed below add a lot of value to your home.

Based on my recent purchase of a new construction single-family home, I have added my comments for each of these features.

1. An updated kitchen

When we visited the model home, we really liked the granite counter tops, new appliances (that got me excited too!), lot of cabinets for storage, and an island in the center of the kitchen. The island is can be used for more counter top space as well as a small eat-in area. For my wife, this was the biggest selling point of the home.

2. Modern bathrooms

This is an important one. The master bathroom must have doubleĀ  bathroomsandmore.co.uk Painted Oak Units. That means, you and your partner each have their own space with a sink to get ready. Modern bathrooms also have a separate jetted bath tub and shower area. Modern light fixtures are a plus.

3. A well-appointed master suite

For me, the master suite was the selling point. A master suite must, at least, have enough space for a king size bed, dresser and 2 night stands. Separate space for a sitting area, tray ceiling, crown molding at to the value.

4. Natural materials

In floor coverings, especially bathrooms or kitchens, look for ceramic tile or wood rather than linoleum. If you have carpet, it should be a good product and well-maintained.

5. Curb appeal

Again very important. When you come home from work, your home’s appearance should be a welcome sight. Nicely trimmed lawn area and uncluttered driveway go a long way in achieving good appeal.

6. A light, airy spacious feel

There should be enough light and cross air ventilation coming into the house. Being of Indian origin, we always consider a home where the front door faces the southwest direction.

7. Good windows

The house should have a lot windows. All windows must be properly insulated. Personally I prefer to have blinds on all the windows. Well-placed skylights are also a good touch to add value.
Unfortunately, I don’t have any in my house.

8. Landscaping

Always have a well manicured lawn. A few plants wont hurt either. We are planning to have our back yard fenced for added privacy. I wouldn’t mind having a swing, but that means less play area for my daughter.

9. Lots of storage

You couldn’t go wrong with an over sized garage, some attic space and plenty of closets. We have a good sized 2 car garage, but we currently just have one car. So more storage space for us.

10. Basement

Having a finished basement adds even more value. Basements add a lot to your resale value. Unfortunately, we don’t have a basement.

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Image by: Maggie Smith